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clomid Again :(

Went back to see my fertility doctor few weeks ago,had finished my 6 month course of clomid. Went back on the understanding that there was no way i could have another course of clomid so was thinking that there was going to be another step to what we could try next.

Instead i have been given another 6 month course of clomid and im not totally convinced that it will work after the first 6 months why would i this time.

I have joined weight watchers to help with the weight loss but i have got a long way to go as i have to loss 4 stone to reach bmi goal for ivf,if i get it that is.

I wake up thinking about why cant i have a baby,i dream about being a mum i go to bed thinking about it.Get really annoyed with myself that im not able to conceive.Im am also finding people close to me keep asking when is there going to be a new addition to the family as i don't want everyone knowing we have a problem. If i get one more person telling me to just relax and stop thinking about it,it will happen grrrrrrrrrr.

I don't feel like a proper woman and i know how silly it sounds but that's how i feel,i have got no one to really talk to as no one understands as they not been though it.

Sorry if ive rambled on.

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Hi, I've just joined and am also on my second round of clomid so thought I'd say hello. Do you use a fertility monitor or OPKs when you're taking the Clomid, just so you know exactly when you're ovulating? I found that it was earlier than when I wasn't taking it (the rare times that I did ovulate).

I feel for you, I know exactly what you mean about not feeling like a real woman, and constantly thinking about it. It takes over your life, and it's so unfair. People who haven't experienced it can try to sympathise, but they really have no idea. I wish you lots of luck xx


Thank you so much for your kin words, im a bit confused with ovulation kits as doc said that they are not a gret idea as they test a different level on the tests, where as blood tests lokl for something different oh so annoying.

Wish you all the luck with your second course heres hoping xx


hey hun ive been on clomid as well hun i got put on tamoxifen after clomid and also got told ovulation kits are not a good idea hope everything goes well xx



I am on... I forget if the 3rd or 4th round of clomifene (clomid) I have had my doseage doubled to 100mg as it is not making any effect on me.

I also have to loose 3 stone before I can go on to IVF.

Dont give up, it's hard. I think only we know how hard... I am a working woman and am filling my time with my husband work and college. My family keep saying those really irritating things like 'maybe you should leave it for now, get your carreer then try again' I feel like screaming at them I may not have the time, I try to point out my body is useless at 28 yrs old!!

But on the positive I know they care in their own insensitive way.

Back to you though, just keep hope... You sound so strong.. keep going!

Saz_s :)



I just wanted to say that I know how you are feeling. I had 6 cycles of clomid and it didn't work for me. We are due to start IUI in January. It is such a difficult thing to endure. I have been married for 6 years and we have no children. I also have a nosey mother in law who keeps making inappropriate comments -- my personal favourite of hers is "watch your womb" when I'm lifting anything. I hate it when people make tactless comments but I just have to remind myself that it is only because they don't realise, it isn't malicious.

I am so sorry you are having a difficult time but if you can, try to look forward to the next step in the process and not look back. I too struggle with my weight, a wii fit, pilates and zumba class has helped me enormously.

Yes, at times I feel useless, like an improper woman with defective ovaries. At times I wonder if I am the only woman who cannot conceive, why so many useless parents have kids so easily. It has taken me months and months to realise that I have no control over whether my ovaries work or not. All I can do is my best to follow the advice I am given and the rest is up to fate.

Cut yourself some slack, you are a strong woman and all that we can do is follow the process of the consultants whose aim is to get us all pregnant. If he suggests clomid again then its got to be preferable to exhaust all the "easier" routes than jump into something more intensive.

Make time to do something nice for yourself, treat yourself. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome!!


I totally relate to everything that's being said on here in terms of thoughts and feelings. I have actually gone to my GP to see if they can refer me to talk to a professional and I'm waiting to see a CBT counsellor. I am on my last (6th) cycle of clomid and I have been ovulating but not pg :( I didn't realise they might prescribe further cycles of clomid, I'll hopefully be back at the consultant in new year and assumed the likes of Ivf would be our next stop


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