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NK Cells Testing 1 of 2 Done!


Happy Saturday everyone! Just wanted to update you all on my experience yesterday with the NK Cells testing....

We went down to Coventry for it and I have to say it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

We met the professor and he took a lot of time to explain the whole background to the testing and the theory behind what it does and how it can help. It was fascinating listening to him!

We were then taken into an ultrasound room where a different doctor explained the procedure and left me to get ready. An internal ultrasound was completed first to have a look at my ovaries and my lining. A speculum was then put in and my cervix was 'clamped' (not sure what the right term is but that's just my word for it lol) - very similar procedure to embryo transfer.

She said right I am going to do the biopsy now and count backwards from ten to one, when I get to one that means we are finished. She had explained that I may feel very bad period pain type pains during and after the biopsy being performed.

It was a little uncomfortable but nothing too bad at all, just like a prolonged smear test. I had some spotting afterwards and a bit of cramping but nothing some ibuprofen couldn't sort out.

We had some dinner at a lovely pub nearby before driving back home. We will be back there again next time I ovulate for the second biopsy.

They will email the results to me four weeks after each biopsy and then I will have a telephone consultation with the professor to discuss the results and any required treatment.

I'd highly recommend this to anyone who has been through a few miscarriages or multiple BFNs from IVF treatment. It costs £540 which is a lot of money I know, but a drop in the ocean compared to multiple IVF cycles.


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Thanks for this info! I've been thinking about it recently and wondered about the procedure! 🤞🏻 for you x

You're welcome sunbeam, I'll do another post when I get my results through xx

This is really interesting. I've recently been referred to a miscarriage clinic & had NK cells blood test. My results show I have them & apparently my results were the highest they had ever seen in that clinic.

When u have the biopsy does that test for NK cells specifically with in the cervix?

Thanks for sharing x

Sprinkles86 in reply to Nat6

I've just seen your post on this... Try not to panic too much, the professor I saw said that the way they screen you in the miscarriage clinics is a good start, but the results aren't really worth anything. One example he gave was that you could screen a lady who had multiple losses and find an issue and give her XYZ treatment. Then you could also find another 95-100 ladies with the same issue but who have had normal, healthy pregnancies. He really believes the lining is the key to recurrent miscarriage.

He also said that blood tests for NK cells are a bit pointless as blood NK cells are different to uterine NK cells, so don't be too down about it xxxx

Sprinkles86 in reply to Nat6

Forgot to add... The biopsy is taken from the lining of your womb, so they go through your cervix, do a little scraping and then its all done xxx

Out of interest, why are they doing two tests now? I thought they only did one..

Sprinkles86 in reply to Hollibob

Hey hollibob, they used to just do one and it was about £360, they do two now as they believe just doing the biopsy itself can be enough to regenerate the lining and encourage increase in stem cells and balance the NK cell levels. One biopsy gives them a snapshot but levels could vary one month to the next. Absolutely fascinating stuff and made a lot of sense xxxx

I had this test done a few years ago at Coventry, they only did one test. My results were off the scale (55.05%)... They tested it twice as it was so high. (Lucky me!)

Unfortunately FET with steroids as suggested ended in a 4th chemical pregnancy. And unfortunately a second attempt at IVF last year had to be abandoned due to severe ovary and back pain... Due to severe endometriosis and adenomyosis.

I sent emails to Kerri and Prof Quenby to say that the FET was unsuccessful but I never got an acknowledgment or reply which was a bit annoying as thought the prof would want to know how people had got on.

Interesting to read about them now doing two tests! Shame I missed out on this.

We are no longer doing IVF as I can't physically go through it again, and even looking at a hysterectomy in the near future as the suspected adenomyosis is crippling me these days.

Wish you ladies good luck. X

Aw that's so awful I'm really sorry you've had such a terrible time, I've got severe endo too so seems a hysterectomy is in my future as well xxxx

Thanks for posting about what thins was like. I've been thinking about doing this as Coventry is very close and we have the money, BUT am really reluctant to not try for four weeks bevorehand! Also had previous problems with things (including HSG and trial ET) getting through my cervix. Did they give you gas and air or anything? As the only time i have had a clamp not Under sedation, it was PAINFUL! Anyone able to explain/sympathise?!

Well to be honest we still tried this month anyway, and accepted the small risk of miscarriage they tell you about. The way I look at it is you wouldn't even know you were pregnant at that point in your cycle anyway!

They didn't offer me pain relief but I am sure they would make it available if you let them know about the problems you have had in the past. I too had horrendous pain during HSG, it's the worst thing I have been through in our TTC journey!!


They didn't even get to the hsg point... they couldn't get more than the guide thread through my cervix! 15mins of trying and they gave up...

Oh wow... did they offer to try again under sedation maybe? Xx

Nope had to have a laparoscopy, but whilst I was under general they also dilated my cervix. IVF clinic said my cervix is much easier to get through now, though they still used a clamp I think and I also chose to be sedated which makes it easier for me and the dr! So I'm unsure whether I can do the NK cells biopsy or not. When I feel ready to properly consider it, I will give them a ring.

Hi I’m having a NK cell test tomorrow as I’ve had two previous miscarriages but my doc only mentioned a blood test. My doctor is in London. I’m two weeks into doing my first IVF treatment and think egg extraction will be in about 2 weeks. Can I ask for a biopsy too at this point ? Xx

No I don’t think so... the biopsy for NK cells is similar to what they call an endometrial scratch in IVF clinics, and I think this is usually done the month before you would have an embryo transfer. The idea is that the scratch prompts the lining to regenerate and be more welcoming to an embryo, so they wouldn’t do this during your treatment. Your other option is to freeze all of your embryos, have the scratch next month and have frozen embryo transfer the month after? Xxx

Thank you for that info I was very keen to do the transfer this month as my husband is going away to work abroad in six weeks time and will not be home for a while. I am doing the blood test tomorrow for NK cells but now I’ve read your message I’m not sure the blood test will be enough of an accurate indication? 😞 xx

I was told the blood test won’t really tell you what’s going on in your uterus, as the NK cells there are different to those in your blood, and it’s just something certain clinics do as a money maker! It just depends whether you are happy to wait and have the biopsy? Xx

Pls can you message me the name of the consultant and clinic? Thank you!

I will go ahead with it this time and just have the blood test because I’m struggling a lot emotionally, not feeling very strong mentally at the moment after the Buserelin for two weeks and would like to go ahead and give it a go whilst my partner is still here. If I’m not successful this time I will defo go and see the consultant next time. Xx

Hello, please could you private message me the name of the clinic, consultant? Thank you x

Sprinkles86 in reply to Marita15

Just sent you the details lovely xxx

Thanks for updating us Hun and glad it went well for you, let's hope you get some answers in the coming months xx

Yes fingers crossed hey! Xxx

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