First IVF cycle!

Hi everyone, I'm new to this!

Giving this a go to calm my nerves and to see how everyone else journeys are going. This is our first ivf cycle and first attempt at pregnancy.

My sister was my donor and has completed the cycle and egg retrieval. I'm so proud of her [emoji8]

My husband and I have 6 x 5 day embryos frozen.

I've started taking progynova 2mg (3 tablets daily) and have been for 8 days now. I had my first scan yesterday and my uterus lining is at 4.5mm. I'm due back Tuesday for another scan. The progynova makes me nauseous and bloated.

How was everyone been else traveling in regards to their lining and progynova?


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  • Hello! Not sure about the progynova as I'm on Elleste Solo for my FET but they all seem to make you feel a bit bloated. I seem to have just been really lucky and my lining was ready after 8 days on the Ellest. My only advice to you is be kind to yourself and try and rest/relax as much as possible prior to transfer day. Wishing you all the luck in the world 🌈🍀 xx

  • Thanks Hayley. I'm trying my best to relax. Xx

  • It's really hard to relax when you feel sick all the time though. Have you spoken to the clinic about how they are making you feel? Xx

  • Yeah I did. Today I didn't have any nausea so I think my body is handling the changes now. 🤞🏼

  • It does seem to take a while to adjust to all the hormones. Things we have to go through eh?!

  • I was the same on Progynova and when I'm on Buserilin spray, feels like you would burst if someone put a pin in your stomach!

    I've had donated eggs too, unknown donar in my case, just hoping they defrost ok, due for transfer on Thursday.

    Take care and best of luck xxx

  • Best of luck for your transfer! Xx

  • Went in for another scan today. No change in my lining. Awaiting the phone call to tell me what to do next 😞

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