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Ivf funding scrapped in Cambridge and Peterborough

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I guess this is why we all have to try to make our voices heard by supporting actions like the thunderclap which @tugsgirl posted about recently. The postcode lottery seems to be getting worse, not better. 😒

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Not many people are getting behind the thunderclap idea. It's no good us all complaining when it happens. We have to have our voices heard now. Xx

Exactly. And it will happen in more areas if we don't pull together and make a fuss about it.

Agreed. I bumped my post a couple of days ago but still little interest xx

I don't know what else we can do. I think so many people don't want to publicly admit to having fertility issues or to 'force' these "private" issues in to other people's faces through social media. Which I can understand, but if those of us who have experienced infertility don't make a noise about the unfairness, we can be sure as anything that no one else will.

You're absolutely right. I understand the privacy issues but they could always post along the lines of saying that a close friend or colleague is suffering with infertility and that they've seen how it affects people. Just an idea xx

I personaly feel it's an absolute disgrace!! We are so lucky in Scotland ( that's the only thing I can thank the Scottish government for) and wish you guys had the same....things are just getting worse in several counties!πŸ™xx

Hertfordshire are just in a consultation period to withdraw all funding. We were very lucky to be funded for 3 full cycles and 3 fets. We are just starting our 2nd full cycle and looks like we will lose the rest due to the changes. So added pressure on this cycle now πŸ˜”

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If you post any link to consultation here then I'll gladly respond to it x

Can your voice be heard on consultations if you live outside of the ccg doing the consultation?

Unfortunately this is just a sign of the pressure the nhs is under to make cuts. More nhs funding overall is what needs to happen across the board. But seriously what's the point of NICE guidelines if the ccg then do what they want.

Watching some of those fly on the wall programmes on ambulances are scarey. The ambulance one made me wonder if you'd get an ambulance in an emergency as they were always overstretched.

That's so true. My friend who works on finance for a ccg believes that the problems are not helped by the government asking for financial savings but not being prepared to state what the savings should be, hence inequality and different priorities in different areas. The same friend believes that the nhs is actually fairly efficient already and, as you say, now needs more funding and needs more funding being put into social care too as an associated service which impacts on nhs efficiency.

How can you make savings when the population is increasing? Funding should be as a minimum inline with population increases and then add in aging population means a further increase in funding just to keep the status quo.

Or perhaps Google, Starbucks and Amazon and other massive corporations could pay at least a couple of % tax on their profits and no cuts would be needed. Grrrr.

I am so sorry about this and understand it can hamper peoples chances. I had to sell my home to fund my treatment as I was not entitled to any financial support. I guess I just accepted it and it was a sacrifice I was prepared to make. I have always been amazed how incredible it is that you can walk into a hospital and get treated in this country, something a lot of people around the world can only dream of. I think the main problem is that this nation is getting fatter, people still smoke, get drunk and all of this means that the NHS has to fund these issues with IVF way down the list :( xxx

I'm sorry you had to sell your home. That's really terrible.

Regarding it being on the NHS, I guess it depends on your political opinions etc as to whether you feel ivf should be funded or not. Whilst I appreciate that there is pressure on the NHS, personally I still believe in the principle of ALL healthcare being free at the point of delivery and NICE recommendations being followed consistently in all areas. If that means we (and businesses) all have to pay more tax to share the load then so be it. We will still have one of the most efficient and effective healthcare systems in the world. Incidentally, the World Health Organisation does classify infertility as a disease. We need to stand firm regarding our right to treatment!

I have shared and posted on my fb page what is the thunderclap idea? X

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