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Has anyone appealed against not being eligable for nhs ivf funding and won? I've been told i need to have IVF within 3 cycles after my excision surgery for endometriosis and there is no way my husband and i are going to be able to get the money together in such a short amount of time. All ive been told is i live in the wrong area to receieve ivf??? Advice and help needed... thank you in advance!

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  • You live in an area which doesn't find IVF at all???? I didn't think there were postcodes that didn't have at least 1 cycle free. That's awful! What advice did dr who told you this give? If anything? x

  • My fertility specialist told me north east essex has no funding atal and to appeal would be pointless but i feel its worth a shot if its possible to do so as i have endometriosis affecting my fertility? Just not sure on the rout to do this! X

  • Anything is worth a shot. And at a time of elections coming up... a letter to your MP (particularly a labour one!) highlighting what an issue this is would perhaps help too! Covering every step! x

  • I appealed but was unsuccessful. I was initially told I qualified for 1 free cycle in our area, then told not as my fsh level was slightly high. I went all the way to ombudsmen but still no luck. Most areas don't have this restriction so felt so frustrated and angry that I wouldn't even get 1 funded chance. You can double check on fertility fairness website what criteria for you area is, but think most stick rigidly to their guidelines and haven't heard of many appeals working. However, they do have to respond in a short time frame, so worth a go, but would say not to get hopes up. Sorry I haven't got a more positive story xx

  • Thank you for your reply, i thought it was worth a shot if its something that can be done! I find it so unfair that some postcodes allow 3 cycles and another 0, if only we could all have 1 chance! I will give it a go i have nothing to loose!

  • Hi Emma, I'm sorry to hear your familiar story. Unfortunately we have been through the same thing. Our funding was cut in December for Basildon/Brentwood CCG and as we started the whole process last August after trying for a year, our doctor appealed it but they said no (because we were not in the system). Then we appealed it ourselves and got turned down again. So we won't even get 1 cycle funded. In amongst all this I found out that I need surgery to remove my Fallopian tubes due to endometriosis blocking them. I also have polycystic ovaries and we put this to them as I will need IVF in order to conceive. They replied saying that I did not have exceptional circumstances. We are now going to fund ourselves after the surgery and go from there. The funding issue is so unfair... wishing you luck x

  • Im so sorry to hear all you have been through! I really dont understand what circumstances they will accept if you have no tubes?? Thats so terrible!!! My gp hasnt offered to appeal it for us so i might beg them next week. It all seems so unfair :( how are you though? Prepared for surgery? I am so worried about mine i have stage 4 but my specialist is positive it will help pain wise but my fertility specialist said to have ivf within 3 cycles :( i really thought having excision would be our answer but it looks as though weve got to get into debt at 26!! Grrr xx

  • Hi I didn't know you could appeal so never tried. I'm from the same area as you and agree it's terrible in essex we have no free goes. You have to try and appeal and I wish you luck even for one free go. As an alternative are you young enough to donate eggs for free tries? clinic in Cheshunt area is highly recommend for fertility help. Really hope the appeal works for you

  • Thank you for your reply! Yes we have looked into egg share to receieve 1 free cycle but was told its £2000 in tests to check if suitable to egg share and with having severe endometriosis i think this will set us back in time with testing when i might be told im not sutiable after paying out for all the tests etc :( x

  • Oh no way that's awful I'm so sorry. My friend had endo and was told she may struggle to have a baby. She had a laparoscopy and conceived twice in much less time than I was trying for one so don't be disheartened. She conceived on a drunken night out for my birthday too! Push back on your clinic and do your own research too I always felt like I was just one of many women and NHS weren't bothered. I paid private for a small procedure and the specialist was great with me after that. Money talks, drives me crazy x

  • Thank you mrsjj, i really needed to hear that today! Thats really positive to know after the lap she was successful! I will tey appealing as i have nothing to loose but it looks like i have two options teyry natuerally and risk the endo returning or go straight into ivf, im only worried as ive waited a year already for this operation to remove it so i dont want to be waiting another year if it does grow back! X

  • I may be wrong, but that testing might also be needed for any self funded options?

    If so, you may have to spend that any way?

    I'm not sure, but might be worth a check just in case you are suitable for the sharing scheme after all...and would save lots more on the long run xx

  • It is so awful to be in the hands of this postcode lottery. I know you don't want to be in debt but have you seen some of the schemes offer a percentage of money back if you don't fall pregnant? Just a thought that might be useful to look in to.

  • Thank you for your reply! Yes we have looked into access fertility packages and they have some good 'deals' with 3 cycles and money back options so we shall probally head down this route!

  • Hiya,

    I was initially refused as my partner may be father to his exes child (she's raised doubts but refuses a DNA test - happy to take his csa money each month though...anyhoo...) but I appealed on the grounds that with 2 fluid fulled tubes that I'm booked in to have removed, there's no other way I'd conceive with ANY partner anyway.

    That was also refused so I wrote again and also sent a copy to the local mp and ombudsman.

    They overturned their decision based on my medical factors, which is what i think it should really be based on any way...

    It may have helped that I mentioned the reason for the tubal issues was undoubtedly the negligence I suffered at the hands of my nhs gp when I had my appendicitis years ago...

    I like to think it was my awesome strongly worded letter but maybe it was just the fact they were scared I'd sue 🙊

    Happy to share the letter with anyone if it'll be of any help at all Xx

  • Yes please! That would be a great help! Thank you for your reply! X

  • No problem at all...I'll have to do that tomorrow at work if that's ok (no working laptop here with the info on it :( ) but I'll send it to you asap xx

  • when you have a spare minute thank you! Enjoy the rest of your sunday :) xx

  • Let me know how you get on with your appeal Emma, which CCG are you part of? X

  • I will do, north east essex i believe i come under x

  • I'm so glad you had your decision overturned LiLi, I may try again after reading your post as I am also waiting for tubes to be removed and ivf is the only option left. I really had to fight to get referred to the hospital for an investigative lap 6 years ago and, thinking back, it could have all been done sooner as I've always suffered. So are you in Essex? Have they given you 3 funded cycles or just the 1? Good luck! X

  • P.s could I also please see the letter you wrote?

  • I had appealed too. As I had endo too. But unfortunately I didn't get either . So had to find my cycles

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