Heart broken 13 days after embryo transfer and bleeding heavily...

Hi guys,

I hope someone can still uplift me in my situation. I had 2 embryos transferred 8 grade cell and 10 grade cell 3 day transfer last August 26. Today I have been bleeding heavily more than my normal period :-(. my scheduled pregnancy test was tomorrow but I guess it's already negative. I am so lost, confused and devastated. I really prayed for this but the odds were not on my side. I don't know if I should try again... :-(

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  • Ohh dear... I know it's so hard to tackle this situation but try to be calm. Have no such experience just can pray for you xxx

  • Hello Sara,

    Thank you for your message it helps... Am still hoping that one of the 2 embryos is still hanging in... But am so scared.. Am like floating the whole day... I can't cry... I can't eat...

  • Hey there! Everything is going to be good! Don't give up! In case of not getting pregnant, find out the reasons, have proper therapy and try again. I know it's an extremely hard time for you right now. But don't lose hope! What if you still ARE pregnant? Please try to eat at least something and reduce stress, as that little one needs a healthy mummy

  • Hello Hannah,

    Thank you for your kind words. I am still hoping though my body does not agree. I might try but maybe next year... need to plan as I have work and other responsibilities as well. Thank you again and I wish you a wonderful weekend: I'll let you know tom...


  • We all will be waiting. Fingers crossed for you!!

  • Hello Hannah,

    As expected it was negative :-(. Heart broken... I have a lot of questions for the clinic, i think that the whole procedure were done in a rush manner. I feel that it's one of the reason that It didn't work. How did your IVF went? Are they always accessible for you? Do they call you or it should always be your initiative to contact them?

    Have a great evening...

  • Oh dear, I am so so so sorry... I hoped that it would work out well :(:( Don't give up, don't let it knock you off! I can only advise to have some time for yourself, to live it through...

    I had my cycles done in two clinics. Both were accessible and called me when it was necessary. But I called them more often, as I wanted everything to be in control. And there was definitely no rush. In my case, I searched through the internet to find any feedback on this or that clinic. I was interested in the negative one, as I believe it's truthful. Also, forums helped me a lot in search of an adequate clinic. But it was not successful for me nonetheless... But maybe these steps will help you to find a good fertility clinic.

    Hope I've answered your questions. Hugs to you! Everything will work out well!

  • Is this your first round? If it is then please don't give up yet. So much can be learned from your first round to make the next one more successful xx

  • Hello my dear,

    I guess am thinking of changing cthe clinic. Though my partner had his sperm frozen in there clinic. I just felt that everything were rushed and that I was not really guided very well at the end of the day. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I'll let you know tom.

    Have a great weekend!


  • But hopefully you can get the sperm next time from your partner? Is there a reason why you froze it?

  • Hi Sanchia,

    Since he has a problem with the quality of his sperm the doctor advice that it was better to try this option. Because my partner also has diabetes and other medical problems so it has an effect with his sperm production.

    Maybe will try with fresh one's if we decide to do it again.


  • I'm also now bleeding on day 7 of transfer. So losing hope.

  • Hello Sanchia,

    As expected I got a negative one. I hope that you will still have a positive result. Did you manage to contact your doctors? Will pray for you...

    Take care..

  • Yes I did. They are trying to reassure me but I'm still bleeding now so I guess it's my period and it's been unsuccessful

  • I am sorry Sara_123 and sanchia46. I went through the same in August this year. I started bleeding the day before my test. I am turning 40 soon I cried and cried until i could not cry anymore. I could not eat anything from the stress for a full month and lost 6 kgs during that time. However support from family and friends and online communities has helped me to process the grief. I would like to try again but i am not sure i can handle another failure. I am planning to start going for counselling and maybe change my hospital. They suggested using egg donor but i do not think i am there yet.

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