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Teas during two week wait

Hello everyone,

today was our embryo transfer day and we transferred 2 day 3 embryos. So hope that these little ones decide to stick with us for the next 9 months!!

I have a question regarding drinking teas like chamomile or peppermint tea during the two week wait.

I realised that I drink a lot of tea. I easily drink at least 1 litre of chamomile tea during winter.

So today I had another litre of chamomile tea as I am always so cold and then realised that this might not be good for those little embryos.

I don't drink coffee and don't drink black tea either. I basically make sure not to have any caffeine as the clinic told me to stop drinking anything with caffeine in it.

So I switched to chamomile tea.

Does anyone know if this okay? I think I will just have 1 cup of chamomile tea in the mornings from now on and hope I haven't harmed those little ones today... Ooh the joys of IVF you just get worried about such crazy things :-(

Hope everyone else is doing well xx

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From my understanding you should be fine. I had to give up coffee and I was 4-5 cups a day at least! I still miss it especially when I smell it. I switched to decaffeinated and peppermint tea. This was the best compromise I could make. According to the Zita West books caffeine was the no no ingredient and it at least tea have some good properties in it. Find a yourself a nice balance which you can cope with. The 2ww is going to feel long anyway. You don't want to feel too deprived either. On the plus side at least you're taking in fluids. Sending good luck vibes your way..

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Thank you :-) I try and drink 2-3 litres a day, so that should be good. Gave up caffeine about 1 - 2 months ago. My clinic also told me to stay away from caffeine.


I don't think you'd have done any harm.. I drink one or two cups of clipper decaf breakfast tea each day (specifically clipper as they don't use chemicals to decaffeinate) and after transfer I drank a lot of hot water with sliced fresh ginger, honey and lemon. hot squash is also a good option.

I am 16 weeks pregnant now so can't have done any harm :-)

Good luck to you xx

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That's amazing Katrina, thank you. I wish you all the best for your pregnancy :-) xx


Hi Ines2885. I do know a bit about herbal teas, which is as follows. Generally speaking, any herb which is considered OK for food use is presumed to be safe for teas as well. Look on packaging labels for contents that may normally be part of your diet (such as mint, lemon or orange extracts). All herbal preparations which are bought as tea bags from the supermarket are thought to be safe for use in pregnancy. You can also buy herbal tea blends specifically made for drinking when you are pregnant from health food stores. All herbal teas just contain small amounts of “whatever” for flavour, so camomile tea should be safe to drink. It is when ingredients such as camomile are used as a medicine that you have to be particularly careful, as it is very concentrated. It is because of this that most consultants/doctors recommend stopping any herbal remedies whilst trying to get pregnant or in pregnancy, as they can often interfere with other medication prescribed. It is important to steer clear of unfamiliar ingredients such as black cohosh, pennyroyal and mugwort - all best avoided when trying to conceive and during pregnancy. Other herbs to avoid in pregnancy include celery, parsley and sage. Sage should also be avoided if you are breastfeeding, as it may reduce milk supply. Never make a tea from any plant in your own garden, unless you're 100 per cent sure what it is and that you can safely take it while you're pregnant. Hope this helps. Diane


Thank you Diane, this helps a lot :-)


Pleasure! Diane


Try redbush tea as it's naturally caffeine free and once you add milk you hardly notice the difference in fact it's actually nicer 😀


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