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Review tomorrow

Hi ladies, hoping for some help with questions to ask at our review tomorrow. We had a chemical pregnancy in April which was our first icsi cycle. Dh has a low sc, which was originally why we were referred for icsi. Though at ec I only had 3 eggs, 2 of which fertilised and had 2et on day 3. I want to know what to ask tomorrow? I am thinking of wat my amh was, or why I had so little eggs. Why i only had to take pessaries until otd when I see alot of you take them up to 12 weeks. Any other advice would b great please xx

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If you message DianeArnold she'll be able to send you a couple of lists that have helpful thought starters in them. i found them really useful. Good luck with the appointment, I hope you get some useful feedback.

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Good luck with your follow up. Yes I'd ask why so few eggs and whether they can change anything next time for more success. Whether there are further tests they recommend. Yes would also ask about pessaries too. Xx

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