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Hello Every one , I am completely new in this forum and just want some advise as I am newly married about 4 months back . Me and my Dh decide that not to do family planning atleast for one year . But as all mother- in- laws want their grand childrens as soon as possible , My mother - in - law told me about that ............ and she also told me that if we are planning after some years that can result in a lot of problems. As a same case happen in our family . One of the lady in my relation suffer from this !!!!! So we are little scary and can't understand what to do ????????

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  • Hi and welcome to the group.

    If you don't want to try for a year you shouldn't feel pressured into.

    You won't know if you have any problems conceiving until you've been trying for a long time Im not sure how long but I think its a year. Don't start panicking now hun. You haven't even tried so you could fall on straight away. Stress will definitely not help you conceive. When your both ready try and see what happens. Take it from there. Maybe consult your doctor about any worries let them reassure you at this stage. Xxx

  • Thanks for your advise dear ........ :)

  • Your most welcome xx

  • Dear first of all congrats for your marriage . Hope everything is fine in your new life ......

    I totally understand your concern as you have a lots of pressure but there is nothing to worry . Just enjoy your golden period and just for once consult with a gynecologist as various factors matters in conceiving like your age , weight etc . once she examined she will tell you the chances and than you can think about your conceiving according to that :)

    Good Luck!!!!

  • Thanks anjlina for such a useful advise .... :) Your advise show me a path on which i walk ...

    Can you tell me about any expert who will guide us ??? Actually I am quite nervous and feel very scary about all as this is new for me and don't know either its right or not to share all this publicly :(

  • Thanks dear for your advice... :)

  • First of all, congratulations on your marriage! You shouldn't be rushed into having a family if it's not quite in your plan yet. Take some time to enjoy early married life!!! However, if you decide to try then you could fall pregnant straight way but if you don't, Drs do advise you to try for a year or 6 months (age dependant) before going to them for tests.

  • Thanks dear for your concern ............. :)

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