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So just had my HSG after having an ectopic pregnancy but really confused now! Also anyone who says HSG's don't hurt lied mine effing killed!! And I'd had 2 paracetamol before hand! Confused as I had one of my tubes removed due to the ectopic rupturing but they've just told me that my left one looks fine which is great news but they also said it looks like my right one is still there??!! So completely confused right now! Got another consultant appointment in October so hopefully he'll be able to tell me what the hell's going on! Just annoying as the fertility department that I'm with is in Wakefield and I had the surgery in York so they are unable to send my surgery notes over due to it being a different nhs trust.

Can anyone shed any light on my confusing situation?!

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Hi Hannahjas. It's very rare that an HSG is straightforward and pain free. I used to get my ladies to have some valium or similar beforehand, which helped a lot. Now, regarding your ectopic pregnancy, sometimes they can be removed and the tube saved, so perhaps that is what happened, so obviously you need to get that clarified - not good. All you can do is to hope that it is and is still patent - fingers crossed. it might be an idea to ask your GP, even if a different one now, to look into the report on the surgery you had. Usually they can gain access to any medical records from a previous practice as you transfer. Otherwise your GP may be able to contact "York" for clarification. Obviously you want to know, and October is a long way off! Good luck with it all. Diane


So sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy HannahJas. I hope you recover both physically and mentally soon. I suffered an ectopic pregnancy 4 years ago and it was excruciating. I thankfully didn't lose any of my tubes but I was administered a methotrexate injection which was horrendous. I lost in the August and had to be monitored via blood tests twice a week and even some weeks 3 times as my hcg levels were really high. It was so upsetting seeing evidence of a displaced pregnancy leave my body bit by bit over a course of a few months. It was a painful process that lasted too long and really laid me low. I will never forget it and I want you to know that I am thinking about you right now and hope you are ok. I hope you recover quickly from surgery and get answers from your gp concerning if you still have both tubes or what the case may be. Take care and big hugs.xo


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