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HSG - presence of a partner

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Hi all,

I know this has been on many times already.... but will have to have HSG test done and I simply tend to panic about everything and anything.... I do not have high pain resistance limits.

I'm just scared how painful it might be.....

Do you think going back to work afterwards is doable? Also, can my partner be with me in the test room?

Thank you

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Hi. The test isn't that painful it's just uncomfortable. I did go back to work after and I have a physically impactive job and I felt fine just had some cramping. Unfortunately my partner wasn't allowed in. I'm not good with pain nor doing things on my own.

You will be fine x

The pain depends on whether or not your tubes are blocked. Blocked tubes was painful for me and I definitely couldn't go back to work - plus I was devastated! But if your tubes are ok then I hear it's just a bit uncomfortable and not too bad at all. I had it 3 times in one week due to complications with my cervix and bleeding but normally you only need it once! Sadly partners can't come in as it is X-ray x

Hi, I would recommend taking the day off if you can. My tube was blocked and I had some cramping after. Also I was really tired after, I think it was the nerves and adrenaline!

My partner wasn't allowed in with me. I asked for him after when they gave the results.

Thank you ladies!

I'm still very nervous about it and I will take the day off so that at least I don't have to worry about that.

Have you actually had it done in Homerton hospital ?

It might sound silly but having no other reasonable reasons for not conceiving I would probably prefer to know that the tubes were blocked etc so that I would hope that after that I will actually fall pregnant.

Any luck for you after hsg test?

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Scarlett13 in reply to Itka

I'm now about to start ivf because my tubes are blocked. Good luck with your HSG, I know a lady who got pregnant naturally a month after a HSG x

Hi my love. I went back to work after and I’m a nurse so on my feet most of the day. Saying that though, my tubes weren’t blocked so didn’t feel anything after. There is Defo no shame taking the time off though and looking back It would have been nice to have a sofa day after. In regards to the pain I kinda felt it was one of those types of pain that when I got to the point it peaked it was over. I was ready to jump off the bed and it stopped. It’s not nice but is really over before you know it. I think although u say u have a low pain threshold you will manage. Big hugs xxxx

Hi. My OH wasn’t allowed in because essentially it’s an X Ray. It’s not nice but you can do this. You’ll be ok that’s a promise xx

Thank you again!

I know I just have to do it, there is no option....

But I'm normally afraid of things like going to the dentist or to have my blood test done.

The reason for this is I guess that because of my low pain threshold I used to faint quite a lot and this is what I'm most scared of....

Did they use catheter?

Also - which day of the cycle were you? They told me to call them when I get my period so they will book me in for few days later. Also, it day to avoid unprotected sex during the cycle of the test but do they mean from day 1 of me period until I do the test or to they actually mean the previous cycle ?

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Tugsgirl in reply to Itka

Sorry I’ve only just seen this.. Yes they will use a catheter to insert the dye. I’ve been in your shoes, afraid of blood tests and dentists (still afraid of dentists) but with each thing you face on your journey as you try to start your family you WILL become less afraid and you WILL become stronger. I don’t actually remember what day I had my hsg in my cycle because it was probably getting on for two years ago now.. I do remember standing in the hallway outside the X Ray room with my back against the wall because my Hospital gown gaped at the back. I remember it was uncomfortable but bearable. I remember the doctor talking to me about holidays and sandy beaches. I remember being asked to rotate first on one side and then the other, I remember that part being difficult with a clamp between my legs. I remember the relief when they took it all out and I remember thinking “Well done! You did it and it wasn’t as bad as you thought!” xx

I was about day 12ish, which from memory is the top end. They will mean from day 1 of the current cycle (so from your period). It's to make sure that your not pregnant before the hsg due to the x ray and dye. You have to give a urine sample aswell for them to do a pregnancy test.

I haven't fallen pregnant yet. I have another few months of trying naturally and then on to IVF if nothing has happened. But I have read alot about people falling soon after a HSG.

Good luck. You can do it, it is over so quickly!

Hello again.

So my period came and I had to book the test. It will be done on the 7th of November. I am extremely nervous :( I cannot sleep at night as I keep thinking of it....

I feel trapped as I know I have to do it ( if I don't I will never know if that was that one thing that could have helped to get pregnant) but I simply feel like i cannot make it :((

any advise will be helpful...

You can ask them to stop at any point so if you get there and it’s too much then you don’t have to continue.

At mine, there was a nurse there whose only job was to hold my hand, comfort me and make sure I was ok.

Thank you for your reply....

It is natural I would imagine that if you ask them to stop, they would do it.

I would like to get to the end though once I decide to go there and do it....

You will be surprised how brave you are. Just keep in mind how much you want a baby.

I hope I will.... The worst for me is the sleeping bit now... I will fall asleep quite easily but then I do wake up at 3-4am every day and the fears are back :(

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