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Sorry in advance for such a silly post!! But I got HSG today and had myself so prepared for pain/pressure/cramps etc as per everyone elses experience I had read.

The Consultant pretty much told me it was over and I was in so in shock cause I didnt feel a thing when dye went in! I have had no cramps since and no spotting. I know I am probably being silly but I am just a little bewildered as to why I got it so easy and have been totally fine after?!! I feel like she hasn't done it right πŸ™ˆ The Consultant said there was no blockages and dye went through no problem. Is that why I felt nothing?

TIA :) xx

10 Replies

I had a hycosy and mine was absolutely fine. No cramps, spotting or anything. My tubes were also clear so perhaps this is why. x

Mine hurt but don't recall any spotting.supposedly my tubes were clear to.i wouldn't worry, our bodies are all different and respond in different ways x

Lucky you lol, mine hurt and I had really bad cramping for 2-3 days after, :-( I drove there and back and went to work felt so crap lol,

I did have to take tablet they gave me 2 hours before for infection and to reduce pain, don't think they worked for the pain. Xx

Mine was like yours, no pain. No spotting etc xx

No need to apologise for a silly post I think most of us are gulity for over thinking every tiny detail. I'm sure that the consultant has done their job correctly and your just one of the lucky ones to not feel any pain. Xxx

Mine was clear and didn't hurt at all. After we left the hospital I had slight crampy feelings, but they only lasted about an hour or two. Didn't have any spotting x

It's not a silly post I think you're right maybe because you've no problems that's why there was no pain, count yourself lucky lol xxx

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LG10 in reply to Sprinkles86

I know!ha! I sound ungrateful πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆI just built myself up so much for the cramps and wondered why they never came ha.! Ive had alot of old discharge type stuff today so I am hoping altho no blockages it is old stuff clearing out (too much info!) Fingers crossed!

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Sprinkles86 in reply to LG10

Yeah it will probably just be where they put the tube thing through your cervix I think. Apparently it's a great time to try the couple of months after HSG 😊Xxx

I think it differs from person to person. Mine was painful, with spotting and cramping for up to a week after, though likely because I had a blockage. From what I have read, it's more painful if you a blockage.

I have to admit I built the whole thing up in my head and expected the worse. I think the nervousness about the whole experience was the worst! It's not silly to worry about it, even after it's done.

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