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Irregular periods & trying to conceive


Hi, I have irregular periods I trying to conceive from last 10months. I had gyno consultation last month she suggest me 2 tab ( 1 is iron and folic acid and another is myinochiro for vitamins ) but still I m not getting my periods and pregnancy test is negative what can I do. Thanks in advance

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Hi, I would suggest you ask for an ultrasound as you may have polycistic ovaries. It may also be a good idea to get your hormones checked out by having blood tests. Ask your GP, they should be able to arrange that for you.

Shraddha23 in reply to ZessB

They did ultrasound. I know have Pcos . But do you suggest anything . Actually I am basically from India and hubby' s job in Switzerland that's why we are here. I had been here in the hospital but after 5 appointments they didn't prescribe me a single medicine. Hospital is very expensive here.

KatVonB in reply to Shraddha23

Consider a thyroid test too. For mevmy thyroid is the issue. Ask for a hsg test too. Xx

You need to do a more detailed examination to be 100% sure. Perhaps you should choose another doctor. how old are you? Do you already have children?

Shraddha23 in reply to KaraGold

I m 27 year old. I don't have baby

If you are trying to conceive, then the first step would be to put you on a Metformin to help regulate your cycle. If not, they may put you under the pill. Some women with PCOS fall pregnant naturally on Metformin alone but if it still does not work, they may have to refer you for IVF. Good luck!

Shraddha23 in reply to ZessB


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