So near yet so far ... BFN!

Well what can I say devastated doesn't seem to cover it. It was all going so well successful sperm retrieval eggs collected. 4 of which made it to blastocyst. 1 put back in but it seems it didn't want to stay around - it's such a cruel world!

My hearts truly with those who are in the same position. Big congratulations to those who have got their BFP's! Lots of luck to those who are on their journey. Xx

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  • I am so sorry. This journey is cruel. I know how you feel I've lost a Pregnancy after trying for 6 years. But I'm sure both our luck will change our time will come xoxo

  • Aww I am so sorry to hear your story. Thank you so much. Let's hope for a brighter future xx

  • Having had a bfn myself on my first round I know how hard it is. Sorry xx

  • Thank you and congratulations xx

  • Big hugs Hun, feel free to message me anytime xxx

  • Thanks Hun. Your ongoing support has meant so much. Congratulations you really deserve it xx

  • Thanks Hun, it's still here for you, take care and don't give up xx

  • Sorry to hear this, take care xxx

  • Thank you. I am so pleased things are going well for you xx

  • Thanks. I know it doesn't feel like it now but you will get there xxx

  • Everything crossed thank you xx

  • So sorry to hear this. BFNs are just heartbreaking. Look after yourself today xx

  • Thank you. Yep heart broken xx

  • This ivf journey is very cruel. Take time to heal mentally and physically sweetheart.

    Most of us have been there and know no words will help right now. One thing that you have is all of us.

    Take care of you and your hubby too.

  • Thank you so much for the lovely reply. It really is rubbish! Thanks for mentioning my OH in this too xx

  • This journey really is so cruel, so sorry to read this. Look after yourself xx

  • Thank you. Good luck to you xx

  • Oh Im sorry to hear that! Ive had a few failed cycles now it is crap! Plan something nice and reward yourselves before trying again. I know it must be hard to see just now but at least you have 3 blasts left to try again once you both feel strong enough! Sending you big hugs!xx

  • Thank you so much. I'm not really seeing the bigger picture at the moment but you are right xx

  • Oh no! I am so sorry to read this, I've been watching out for an update and keeping my fingers crossed.

    It really is absolutely awful to get this far and then for you to get a negative😞

    I hope you are looking after each other x

  • Thanks hun. How are you guys doing? Xxx

  • We are ok. Having a total break from everything fertility related for a short time to get some time to readjust to the idea of not being able to use my OH's sperm.

    Will you have another go at it and use some of your frozen little ones or is it too early to even think about it?

    It's such a tough process, you go into it full of optimism and hoping that it will all be ok and then it just knocks you down again and again 😞 x

  • Hey

    I don't blame you at all! We have been so lucky to get this far! I often think of you guys.

    My brain is frazzled we've got our follow up appointment on the 29th August so I will see what happens then. Right now I just don't want anything to do with fertility! Xx

  • I can imagine that you'll need a mini break away from it all, it's just not fair! I think you deserve to feel sorry for yourself for a while, have some wine/gin and then see what the end of the month appointment brings about xx

  • I'm so so sorry to read this..... treat yourself and give yourself time before you get started with next steps. Thinking of you xxx

  • Thank you so much xx

  • I'm so sorry. It feels like such a punch in the stomach after everything you've been through. Feel so sorry for yourself and grieve your loss. Don't underestimate the need to focus on yourself and indulge your feelings right now and over the coming weeks. The pain does lessen with time although I know that's hard to believe right now. I'm thinking of you and sending a big hug. xxx

  • Aww bless thank you. The power of time. Hugs xx

  • So sorry. Thinking of you xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Very sorry to read this! Be good to yourself and each other.

    I hope life will seem a bit kinder in the days to come. Thinking of you xx

  • Thank you. It is so nice to see you guys doing well xx

  • So so sorry to hear this. BFN are so crushing. Sending you love at this awful time xx take care of yourself xx

  • Awe bless you thank you so much for the lovely message xx

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