Otd = Bfn 😒

Just thought i would update all u lovely ladies that have helped me through the past few weeks that the results are in and just as expected it was a bfn ! Had 1 or 2 tears but im better than i thought i would be πŸ˜• kind of expected it so did prepare myself, my husband has taken it worst than me but hes trying to be strong and is putting on a act but i know it is killing him 😒 time to try and enjoy christmas now and concentrate on cycle no 2 ☺ praying that all who is in their 2ww / started treatment are doing well and the ones testing soon , i hope you have got a sticky 1 hanging in there for ur christmas miracles ! 😚 Gl ladies and thanks for.ur support xxxx

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  • I'm so sorry lovely. Really am. Huge hugs. It's awful. Be kind to yourself. If you need to change plans for Christmas then do. You should grieve. The one thing I learnt was to grieve. As it was still a baby we lost each time it failed. It's ok not to be happy. Sometimes we feel we have to put on a brave face. Well we don't. Let put the tears etc. Try and talk to your hubby to get him open up about his feelings. He doesn't need to be brave at this time.

    Sending you both lots and lots of love.

    Take care.


  • Im trying not to think of it as a loss of a baby , more of just a normal period (i know thats wrong ) .. over the years i have kind of built up this gaurd where crying gets me nowhere so just pick myself up and carry on ! I know its not healthy and one day its going to catch up with me but atm i suppose im full of mixed emotions! Thank you for your kind words piglet123 i really appreciate them 😚 , my DH is a 'man man' hes trying to be strong for me and doesnt open up very easily about his own feelings πŸ˜• hope ur well and thank you again, the support on here has been amazing xxx

  • Keep your chin up hunni what will be will be and as long as you have each other right now that's all that matters x

  • So sorry so hear that. Try and take some time to recover, and as piglet said that's doing what's beast for you. Enjoy a few glasses of wine over the break and hopefully you'll be able to to start next year stronger. Have you got any more attempts? x

  • Thank you di , we are very fortunate to have eachother 😍 we have 1 more fresh cycle on nhs to use now lynn and i think we are willing to pay for 1 go a few years later but thats all we are going to do ...i cant go through this all the time for the rest of my life ! Hope ur well xx

  • Awwww my love

    We feel your pain and hubby too. Mine was like yours took it harder than me. After 3 BFN it seems to just become a right well that's it then....

    It's not easy to get a no this time of year we have had it twice both on hubby birthday and then Easter.

    Enjoy each other over this period and bring on the next round.

    Good luck and massive hugs 😘

  • Sorry to hear this , brought a tear to my eye. The docs will have learned a lot from you this cycle and will be able to tweak the next to hopefully make it successful. My first go wasn't successful in the slightest, I didn't even get an embryo put back In.

    There is nothing anyone can say to make this situation better for you or your husband. Allow yourselves time to grieve this bad news. Be kind to yourselves over Xmas xxx

  • Thank you ladies , we are going to try and enjoy christmas as much as we can and then we can start to concentrate on our next cycle in the new year ! 😚 xx

  • Aww I'm so sorry to hear this daydreamer 😒 I hope your ok. Put your arms around yourself and that's a big hug from me. It never gets easy and the whole ivf journey is the hardest thing we all go through, but one day I hope and pray you will have your lil miracle ✨ all hope is not lost you've came this far which shows you can do it and you are very brave. Hang in there and stay strong hun. Take time to rest and grieve and enjoy Xmas with your loved ones, remember the best things come to those who don't give up. Lots of love to you and your husband xxx πŸ’—πŸ’—

  • Thank you flossy :) your right , im still standing after this so i can get through 1 more round ☺ you say such lovely things thats cheered me up ! Everybody has been so lovely! Have u had ur second beta ? Or is that 2moro? Xxx

  • I'm sorry to hear this. It's natural for t to be painful and I think it will take some time to heal. I hope you and your hubby are able to have a nice Christmas and I wish you all the best for round 2 in 2016 x

  • Thank you hopeful xx

  • Really sorry to hear it was a BFN. I don't think there's a "right" way to act or feel so do what feels right you for you and hubby.

    Hopefully you'll get a BFP next time.

  • We were also devastated when our first cycle yielded a BFN. For me, it was worse than losing a pregnancy, since it feels like a nothing result.

    Sorry to hear it didn't work for you and wishing you success for your next round X

  • Thank you ☺ yes we are hoping 2016 will be our year ! Fingers crossed ! Thank you for ur support ladies it means so much to talk to people who actuallt understand how i feel! If i hear 1 more person say 'whats meant to be will be' or 'relax, it will happen ' i think i will scream! πŸ™ˆ i know they mean well ...i got a bit upset today as i recieved a beautiful bunch of flowers off my boss and a card asking a angel to watch over us 😒 such a kind thing to do as she has been in my shoes and never had success 😒 i hope you all have a lovely christmas, who knows we could have our miracles in 2016 😚😚 x

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