Broken Fridge and meds 😫

Our very new fridge decided now would be an excellent time to pack it in 😟 😳 Had gonal f and pregnygal in there. The pregnygal is ruined and we are rebuying that but the clinic told me the gonal would be okay now at room temperature. I'm 4 days in to the stim process so still have quite a lot left to take. Even though they told me it's fine, I am still freaking out and trying not to think it's ruined and we won't get any eggs. πŸ˜₯😭I know this is irrational!! I am sure it's my hormones... but anything like this happen to anyone else? Is it really okay to trust the gonal will be okay?

On the fridge front, Engineer coming to sort the fridge and our neighbour has been a godsend with letting us use hers. OH is also off to buy a small cheap second hand fridge as back up... xxx

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  • Why do these things happen at totally the worst times? Sorry not had the same experience but I'm sure all will be fine especially if you're getting more meds. Good luck xxx

  • Thanks for this! Just getting the one replaced but the clinic has assured me the other one is fine. Feeling calmer now... Probably the worst timing with the fridge but hey ho - we keep going! xxx

  • I have never been told to keep anything in the fridge! I've got a bag of meds that's been sitting there for weeks now!?!?

  • Don't panic. None of my meds have ever needed to be stored in the fridge, not all of them do, in fact in my experience none of them have lol xx

  • Yes some of them don't need to be refrigerated don't worry! I think there are so many types of drugs, all for the same process, it's incredible. Was told that two of mine should be kept cold but turns out only of them really needs to stored at certain temp. Bit confusing but sorted now! xxx

  • Glad it's all ok!

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