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Hi there, I’m new to this forum. I was devised to join this group due to its supportiveness!

Me and my hubby have been trying for. Baby for 9 months with no luck. We have a 5 year old daughter in which we had no problems conceiving- she was a honeymoon baby!! I bought some ovulation tests last month which showed I was ovulating- thank goodness!

My plan is to go to the GP in the new year. Are there any tests I should be asking for- bloods are probably one of the first things to do I presume? Please getting my hubby to do a sleek sample- needs convincing there I think! Any advice would be great! Thanks

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Morning I think the main one that showed my problem was the AMH test although some gps do not do this test. Ours did but we had to pay a private fee. They also did tests so many days after period on two dates, can’t remember which days sorry but the AMH for us showed my egg quality and quantity was very very low. This result after lots of tests showed us the way forward. Good luck xxx

Def the AMH test it showed us what our focus needed to be -in our case my AMH was good and we then looked at sperm quality which is why we had icsi. Good luck

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I’ll definitely ask about this test! Thanks both x

Good morning BobandBell! We have a two year old son who was conceived no problem. We’ve been trying for 22 months for #2 and thought I was the ‘issue’. It turns out my husband has a practically zero spent count. We thought he’d be absolutely fine and regret not getting him checked sooner so try and convince your husband to go. I’d say you’ve been trying for over a year to your GP as they’re likely to not refer you otherwise and the fertility clinic can advise on the best tests. Good luck!xx

A sperm sample is essential- some doctors won’t proceed with tests on the female partner if the male won’t get tested.

If he doesn’t want to, remind him of the loss of dignity women experience giving birth- producing a sample in private in a cup is a much easier and much more dignified experience!!!

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