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Pregnant again

Hi all.

So I miscarried 3months ago and i have just found out I'm 5-6 weeks pregnant again.

Feel like I'm on a bit of a roller coaster with my emotions right now. This time I feel healthy where as last time I felt so so Ill.

Does anybody think this could be a positive sign that this baby is okay ? I sound crazy but I'm trying to convince myself and stay hopeful I think

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Firstly congratulations. It's hard not to compare isn't it? I had a missed miscarriage in April after a fet. I didn't suspect a thing. I'm pregnant again after my second fet and comparing all the time; so far everything is scarily similar, I say similar because although I had lots of pregnancy symptoms last time and it's getting that way this time too obviously it still didn't work out! My biggest fear is this one going the same way as the last one. Having said that, I'm staying off google and I've only done the one test so far (got a bit obsessed by that last time and it didn't prove a thing anyway). Really hoping that this is your time 🤞 xx


Thank you and congratulations to you to.

Yes it's really hard not to compare. I keep doing silly amounts of tests because this time I literally have no symptoms and it's freaking me out I keep checking I'm actually pregnant 😂

I guess everybody and every pregnancy is so different that you can't really tell. I'll just keep hoping.

Good luck x


Please learn from me, my tests were lovely and strong but my baby's heartbeat had already stopped at around 6 weeks, just try not to get too hung up on the tests. I know it's hard xx


I never had much of the classic pregnancy symptoms, only tiredness, after our first transfer. Now 18 weeks with a little girl!


Congratulations! Keeping everything crossed for you x


Congratulations. I know it's hard but try stay positive and not stress. I sound like a broken record but it's true I keep saying it to myself. Stress causes us bad hormones what we don't need and positivity happiness and relaxation causes the good hormones we do need. I read something yesterday that made lots of sense if the body is calm and not under stress we have a better chance of carrying a baby we're as if we're stressed our body doesn't do so well and makes the environment for a baby not very hospitable. I know how you feel iv had 4 miscarriages I know it's easier said than done this is how I remind myself and I have had a great day out and home with some old school music on cooking iv felt real positive. Try do things that you enjoy and that will keep your mind active. Feeling healthy is a positive in it self hold on to it and try keep a healthy mind. Lots of love and hugs hope this pregnancy goes well for you hun xx


Lovely news.... will keep fingers crossed for you


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