Feeling a bit low!

Hi everybody,

I haven't been on in a little while so I apologise!

Just starting to feel a little bit lost and totally out of ideas about why we can't seem to conceive. I got an advanced clearblue fertility monitor, which is showing me that I am ovulating and the hormones in my body are working as they should. I am a little overweight but I am trying to maintain a healthy weight (sometimes not easy when in emotional turmoil!).

The clinic we are in have just gone straight to offering IVF so long as I loose nearly 2 stone which seems impossible right now- feels like it'll never happen for us! I am a healthy and active person, and my body seems to be going through the cyclical motions to become pregnant- it just seems to not be working! Any ideas on implantation failure or anything I could be doing wrong between trying and the two week wait? Any ideas would be gratefully received as I think I've researched all I can!

Thank you x

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  • Have you tried the sperm meets egg plan? After struggling with ttc for a year my friend tried it and it was the cycle she conceived. Probably just coincidence but worth a try xx

  • That sounds interesting- what's that? Thanks for replying xx

  • Look it up. It's all about trying on particular days to maximise success. We tried it but because my OH is disabled he couldn't keep up with the demands unfortunately! I think it requires lots of sex over a small timeframe xx

  • Thank you- yes it is not easy doing it all the time! My other half sometimes struggles as he has a bad back and hips. It's just disheartening when you try your hardest and it still doesn't work xx

  • I know 😞 Just give it a shot with a "What have we got to lose?" attitude. Try to make it as relaxed as you can for each other though, I know that's a contradiction in these circumstances but Men really do struggle when they feel sex is only about making babies xx

  • Yeah I think you're definitely right there! To be honest with the fertility monitor it says it helps by 89% in the first two cycles and we've done them now, so we will probably just forget about it and relax for a little while rather than trying to time it all perfectly xx

  • Sounds like a good plan 👍🏻 xx

  • I have certainly experienced this. Oh doesn't like to feel like we are only doing it to conceive. A bit frustrating for me at times as obviously at the moment that's the primary purpose! I would suggest trying acupuncture, keeping warm (esp feet), supplements (I'm currently on coq10, seven seas and about to start dha but there are soo many to try!) also I am trying castor oil packs for the first time & go to yoga. So far none of this has worked but it keeps me going to try something different each month I find it hard to stand still ! Good luck xx

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