Feeling Worried just want everything to be ok!

Woke up in the night to go to the toilet and wiped and it was red blood not a lot but still it worries me.

Couldn't go back to sleep went to the toilet again when I wiped it was watery pink colour and only when I wiped.

I just want everything to be ok and I'm so worried about going to the toilet and I'm just hoping all is ok. If only we could see what is happening inside.

Has anyone had this happen? Hope your all ok wherever you may be in this journey xx

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  • Lots of people have had bleeds on here when pregnant and everything was ok. Maybe try to go get it checked out? Fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Thankyou for your reply x I'm going to call the on call nurse to say about it later x I do hope all is ok x

  • Good luck 🀞 xx

  • Thankyou x

  • I'm beginning to think this part of the journey is worse than all the other stuff! It's so so cruel that after everything we go through to get here we aren't allowed to just enjoy being pregnant like other women. It never ends.

    I've read of lots of women who have had bleeds on here, some have had quite big bleeds (and I'm sure some of them will tell you this themselves) and the baby has been fine. I know how worrying it is. I would give anything that once we reached this stage, it would stop βœ‹πŸ˜ž Hoping all is ok for you 🀞 xx

  • Thankyou that means a lot x just trying to not do to much and stay calm x easier said than done but I'm trying x how are you? X

  • I'm hanging in there. I have no reason to worry (🀞) and yet I am, worried because of what happened last time and scared it will happen again. I know I'm pregnant but I don't feel it. I'm happy of course I am, but so much of me is holding back this time xx

  • Hope all ok xxx

  • Thankyou xx how are you? Xx

  • I'm good thank you - have had a nice weekend. Hope you're ok xx

  • Glad you've had a nice weekend x I'm ok Thankyou xx

  • Worried beyond belief for you both, hanging onto reading other posts where similar has happened and has turned out fine. Keep strong with HOPE darling Daughter πŸ’•πŸ’•xx

  • Thankyou my amazing Mum xx trying to keep hope and that miracles do happen xx

  • Really hope everything is ok. Sending lots of positive vibes your way. X

  • Thankyou xx

  • It's so worrying isn't it. I've had some bleeding since our positive test. A few times the weekend after we found out. It was only when I wiped but it was red blood not brown which was scary. Then it stopped for almost a week then happened once again. Always on a weekend which is just great πŸ™„ We phoned the clinic though and thy got me in for some blood tests to check what was going on. My HCG was rising as it should be but progesterone levels were low. They upped my pessaries so I'm on 4 a day now! Had my 7 week scan last week and all looks good so far so they felt no need to change my medication to get my progesterone levels up to where they should be. Bit scary but they said bleeding in early pregnancy is not normal but is common and there was no obvious reason for mine. So I would suggest always contacting your clinic if you have. Leading but try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know!) xx

  • Thankyou so much for your reply I called and spoke to the on call nurse she was lovely x hope all goes well with you xx

  • Hiya I had a big bleed last weekend. Only lasted 5 mins but there was a lot of it....I had a private scan last Monday (as nhs wouldn't do it due to no cramps being present) and was assured that baby is absolutely fine. I'm 10wks2d now 😁...my gp said 70-80% of pregnancies will experience bleeding at some point and 75% of the time they never find out why...as long as there's no severe cramps you should be ok....Doesn't stop you worrying though huh?! xxx

  • Thankyou so much for your message x it helps to hear from other people and there experience x I hope all goes well with you xx

  • You hang in there! I had two bleeds before week 8 and neither were anything sinister. It is more common than I think is ever discussed...at least 20% of pregnant women will bleed with no ill effect to them or their baby. Hope things have calmed down now and you are feeling a bit brighter xxx

  • Thankyou there's not much there and now brown only a little when I wipe. I just hope nothing else comes and all is ok x it helps to hear your story x

  • hi, I started to bleed at 6 weeks and still am at 10 weeks, only when wiping and not much, just dark but still I know how worrying it can be. I just wanted to say I have had scans etc and all ok so try not to worry but obviously get a scan if poss xxx

  • Thankyou so much I am trying to stay as calm as possible x I hope all goes well for you on your journey xx

  • I hope everything is OK hun. Sending big hugs πŸ€—xx

  • Thankyou Hun xx I'm just hoping all is ok xx we can't help but always worry because it means the world to us xx how are you? Xx

  • I know hun it's hard isn't it. Try keep positive hun I know it's hard try remember stress is so bad for us and baby. I really hope everything's OK. I'm OK just trying to keep positive hun. Have you contacted hospital or anything? Xxx

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