Trying not to be negative

I'm 8dp5dt and test day is this Thursday. Was all going ok apart from a horrible headache from yesterday lunctime until this morning. Put that down to yesterday being my first day back at work. This morning I noticed some light brown spotting. Only saw it cos I'm using liners to cope with the mess of the progesterone pessaries. I then had a little bit more when I wiped this morning and have had very mild abdo pain on and off today.

I know all this doesn't mean much and I will try to resist testing early tomorrow but I'm feeling really negative. I know the chances of success are so slim because of my age but maybe I had let myself hope a bit too much.

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  • Don't give up hope, I know its easier said than done but it could be anything. My OTD is friday and I'm going crazy too, symtpom spotting is the worst! Stay strong and good luck for Thursday xxx

  • Don't lose hope spotting can be a good thing I had it with my first attempt an was a successful pregnancy xx good luck to u x

  • Hi it may be implantation spotting ? So I wouldn't rule anything out . This 2 WW is so horrible and it is so hard to not symptom spot . I would wait until you test lovely .

    I myself am on the 2ww , and trying to keep busy ....

    It's tough as I don't want to get my hopes up just in case , but also don't want to be not thinking positively .

    Keeping everything crossed xx

  • Everything crossed for you Hun, it could be the embie getting settled in so don't give up hope yet, I know it's hard I've been there πŸ˜• So much luck to you xx

  • Hi Mantaray - Please try to stay positive, you're almost there! Lots of women have spotting at this stage so try not to worry yourself too much my love. Have everything crossed that this will be your time. Lots of love x x x

  • I had mild spotting and cramping 3dp and 11/12dp and got my BFP on 13dp so don't give up hope! I felt as though AF was coming and had convinced myself it would be negative. You really never know. x

  • Don't give up lovely. I've been where you are and is hard but keep the faith xxx it could easily be implantation... fingers crossed for you xx

  • Hi,

    I'm also on my 2ww and it's such a journey and your going to worry that's natural X a couple more days and then you can test and I wish you lots of luck and that its your time. Keep Hope and hopefully this will be your time, all of ours time.

    Lots of luck and take care

    Kelly xx

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