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Help - pre IVF panic

Goodness where to start.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 6 years now, during which time we've established that I have PCOS and Endo.

We tried Clomid which sent me utterly loopy and I ended up having to take 2 weeks off work each cycle as I couldn't function.

We were then referred for IVF (in 2014) but literally just before we were due to start treatment I had an abnormal smear and discovered to have CIN3. It took 2 attempts to cut it all away.

We had to wait 6 months before we could start the process again but also decided to take a slight pause so I could emotionally recover as I found the experience rather traumatic.

So, after building myself up to it, we tried to start on the journey again at Christmas. Within the last week I have found out that the clinic we've been referred I is closing, and that they have lost our funding approval letter so we have been waiting for almost 3 months unnecessarily without progress.

So, things are moving now but I am freaking out and getting myself into a panic.

Are the drug protocols going to render me useless? I have a really stressful/demanding job and I'm worried that I'm not going to be able to cope with it all. I feel like I've lost control and I hate it. I need to plan but really don't know what to expect

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Hi there - I have not had Clomid and gone straight to long protocol ivf .... 5 days into first cycle. So far I have not had a not had any of the common side effects apart from the sort of ovary pain I get mid cycle. Hope it stays that way...I am currently field based and working from home which helps but when I travel it is driving and some european travel ... just preparing everything in advance has helped me.


Hey, so sorry for all you've been through, no wonder your full of doubt. I also have PCOS and endo and was on clomid which made me quite irrational I struggled with the side affects. I'm currently 'in' my 4th cycle of IVF and yes it is emotionally and physically demanding but right from the beginning I've had a different approach to and felt different towards having it. I would say try to take each day as it comes, you'll always get great support from everyone on here to xx


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