6dp5dt, 1x 5AA blasto on board

Hello everyone

This is my 7th attempt, 2nd with DE, so we are really hoping this is the one!!

We had our FET on Friday 28th at our clinic in Barcelona. We decided to only go for one and now have a really good quality blasto (5AA) on board. We saw it hatching when we saw it on the big TV screen and everyone was very positive about it. We took a 4 day holiday in Barcelona after the transfer which was a wonderful way to start our 2WW. Everything has gone well so far, well until yesterday that is.

I went to bed Tuesday night feeling absolutely fine but woke up Wednesday really nauseous. I attempted to head into work, thinking it would pass and made it to the train station before i had to about turn and head home. I spent yesterday being sick and feeling generally rubbish. Today i've woken up feeling much better, no sickness and only a bit achy.

The fear and panic has now set in that the sickness will ruin my chances of success and could have a detrimental effect on implantation.

Does anyone know if this would impact success or detract from implantation?

Diane, i was wondering if you can share any pearls of wisdom on this?

Thank you ladies


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  • Hi, it won't at all. I got a bad dose once, stomach, head, everything in the middle of the 2ww and got a bfp. I was in absolute bits with worry and was told by my clinic not to worry, thats its very common, they nick named it ivf flu.

    Best of luck, X.

  • Ah really, *deep exhale!* ive been stressing myself out thinking that its all ruined! Im never sick so was a complete shock and then the panic sets in! xx

  • So pleased to hear your update x I was so tired the first week after de fet. Previous transfers I've gone back to work after a couple of days. This time, I was off for a week and I couldn't think about work. I wondered if it was the drugs or just all the emotions, highs & lows after the past fews years. Well, my constant tiredness, thirst and hunger but sick at the same time has continued. I'm 3 weeks posts transfer (clinic says that's 5 weeks). Wishing you the best x

  • Thank you lovely, yes i've been really tired too, slept on and off all day yesterday! Wiped out. I haven't had that before with my others either.

    Oooo im sending you lots of positive vibes and big hugs, i hope this is your time xx

  • This is soooooo exciting. .all sounds so promising..got everything crossed for u xxxxxπŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank you Vic xx

  • Positive vibes to you πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank you, I got myself into a panic about being sick, let's hope it's all

    OK xx

  • I remember being ridiculously and terribly exhausted during 2ww, and I had shocking diarrhoea, a lot. I just couldn't see it working and had no expectations at all. I was wrong and had a BFP and he's asleep in the cot right now.

    I also started getting sick about 5 weeks in, a week or 2 after OTD, and it was violently strong puking, which peaked at 8 weeks when I couldn't even drink water, I was so so ill. I never thought my baby would survive but he did. I had hyperemesis gravidarum, I was being sick when there wasn't even anything left to get sick with, was complete hell, in hositpal on anti sickness drip and fluid drips, I was so severely dehydrated (my body was in a state of ketosis).

    I pulled all my muscles around my ribs too, the pain was shocking.

    My son survived I have no idea, but they do. He was a very healthy weight too, it just didn't affect him.

    So please, try not to worry about it. But if you are feeling sick, or if it starts again, try to hydrate yourself with teeny sips of water or if that makes you sick too, as it did me - I had tiny spoons of jelly.

    If it gets worse over the coming weeks, talk to your GP, there are meds that help manage it - a type of antihistamine named cyclizine, but this is only prescription medication and only if the sickness becomes unmanageable.

    Best of luck and hope you feel better soon. Just rest. Keep us updated. xxx

  • Thanks for your post, wow you've been through so much! I feel silly moaning about just 1 day but was frightened that it would ruin my chances. Thank you for your advice. Yes I will, not long to go now xx

  • Don't feel silly. I remember being as worried as you are. My loose bowels were so horrendous. I had a history of that anyway with my stage 4 endo, but it got worse.

    I also had a serious fit of giggling on the ET day, so strong that my stomach hurt.. You know how you used to laugh and get the giggles in class but tried to stop yourself laughing. Well that was me, all because of some silly film my friend had recommended me and some silly text messages as a result.

    i was utterly convinced the embies couldn't implant. But i was wrong, to my relief and much luck.


  • Ah that's funny! πŸ˜‚. I have this fear that I will pee in the consultants face as I've drunk too much water, with the pressure of the scan it's makes me need to go for a wee bad! My hubby and I always have hysterics about this before we go in for our transfer!

    Thank you lovely xx

  • hahaha. Yes to those fears.. how are you feeling now? xx

  • Everything crossed for you Hannah, that your sickness is a good sign and means your bfp is on its way xxx

  • I do so hope you're right! I've had twinges today thinking my period is coming so not feeling too hopeful. 5 days to go xxx

  • The 2WW is a hard wait and I do hope it all works out for you. Try to relax and hopefully it will Settle x

  • Thank you Kelly, I feel a little nauseous first thing when I wake up but it goes now, nothing like Wednesday! That was a bad day! I'm 8dp5dt now, 4 days to go! I've had some twinges like period pains so just praying that it doesn't arrive! Xx

  • Oh I missed this post! Just wanted to wish you loads of luck and I'm sure you being a bit poorly hasn't done any damage at all!xx

  • Thank you lovely, I'm trying to be as chilled as I can, test day Wednesday so not long to wait now xx

  • Keeping everything crossed for lucky number 7! All the very best love and I hope you're feeling brighter soon. Really hope this is your time, you so deserve it x x

  • Hey, I got a mosquito bite on my eye in my 2WW and my eye was all swollen up. I was sure I was out but I got a positive so keep the faith. Xx

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