5 Day Blasto on Board!

Hi everyone, went in for our embryo transfer today... Had to have a scan first as I've been having a lot of pain on the left side, turns out I have mild OHSS but nothing to stop going ahead with ET which was the news I wanted to hear!

The transfer itself was ok, they had to use three different speculums and two catheters but we got there in the end! Loved seeing the Blasto on the screen before she brought it in, very cool! Nearly cried when the lady carrying out the transfer said 'I'm going to give you your embryo back now' as she put it in, she was just lovely and apologised for hurting me with the speculum and catheter...

At home with my feet up right now, OTD is Saturday 27th so will keep you updated. I'm so pleased to shave reached this stage and for now will enjoy being PUPO!!


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  • That's lovely. Good luck and wishing you a BFP.


  • Thank you xxx

  • Good luck. Keeping my fingers crossed for a positive result xx

  • Thanks Daisy xxx

  • Hi sprinkles

    Wow that's great news πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    We had our fet today but as they were late with the transfer I've not called my clinic yet to arrange the blood test but if you've got the 27th I hope we get that date too πŸ™πŸ»

    I'm sat with my feet up too and just so relieved that we got here

    Lots of luck to you x

    Holly xx

  • Thanks Holly yes I know feels like a massive step doesn't it? This is our first cycle, hopefully we will have a couple to freeze as well which would be amazing! They have just asked me to do a HPT so no blood test for us, hopefully yours may be earlier than 27th as I think bloods can be done earlier. Good luck!! Xxx

  • Hi sprinkles ohh good luck for some to freeze as well when will you find out?

    Just got through to our clinic blood test Monday the 29th August !!!

    Holly xx

  • I think they write to us so hopefully find out by Friday, really hope we get a couple as FET so much cheaper compared to full ICSI cycle! Good luck for your test huni keep me posted xxx

  • Ohh good look for Frosties xx

    Keep me posted too πŸ˜„

    Holly xx

  • Good luck wishing you a BFP xx

  • Thanks Kelly xxx

  • Good luck to all you ladies on your 2ww 😊 such good news just to get this far xx wish you all sorts of good things xx take good care if yourselves and your precious cargo xx

  • Thanks Datak hope you are doing okay lovely xxx

  • Good luck x

  • Thank you xxx

  • Great news! Good luck xxx

  • Thanks Daisy how are you feeling? Any more symptoms yet? Xxx

  • Hey,

    I had my 5 day blast yesterday too. I've been fine with full process (first cycle ever!) But yesterday seemed to hit me and had to hold back the tears.

    I've got test date of fri 26th, so slightly less than 2ww but I know won't feel like it....

    Good luck and wishing you a BFP!


  • You too lovely, but either way this is a big step forward for us both :-) xxx

  • Defo is! Xxx

  • Loads of luck sprinkles, really hope the 2ww goes smoothly and fast for you. It is lovely seeing your little embie on the screen isn't it, sorry to hear the rest wasn't so great for you though, they're definitely not the most pleasant of experiences are they..particularly with a full bladder 😩

    Everything crossed! Xx

  • Nope they really aren't! Not as bad as some other procedures I've had done (HSG I'm looking at you!!!) it was just amazing and something I will never forget! Thank you for your kind words xxx

  • Good luck, sending positive thoughts your way! Xx

  • Thank you hun xxx

  • Just wanted to wish you luck for a positive result!xx

  • Thank you Cinderella how are you doing? Have you been for your follow up appointment yet? Xx

  • Yes Im good thanks! Ive been for my follow up. It was actually really quick after my failure. Just waiting to start again which will be September cycle though Im still waiting on that in black and white.xx

  • Ooh wow not long to wait then!! That's so exciting for you xxxx

  • Yes cant wait to get started again.....wishing my life away here! Ha ha haxx

  • Haha yes PUPO Sprinkles!! So glad everything went well... come on BFP!!! x x x

  • Thanks MommaBear!! Hoping and praying for 'that'' word to appear on my clearblue next Saturday! For now I will stay in my PUPO bubble 😊 How are you feeling hun? Have you had a date for your follow up through yet? Xxx

  • PUPO PUPO PUPO - it's a funny word isn't it?! :D haha I'm ok thanks. I'm probably having a better week than I've had in a while which is good. Our review is 22nd September... I'm excited but I've been warned it will be emotional. I just can't wait to get started again now x x x

  • That will soon be here huni just try and enjoy your time now before your head gets full of IVF again 😊 Take care huni xxx

  • Oooo congratulation and good luck with your Frostie on board. I hope you get your BFP, I'll be thinking of you. We test this weekend and had our 5 day FET last Tuesday, feeling anxious! Xx

  • Thanks hun, this was a fresh transfer for us but hoping for a couple to freeze, should get a letter to confirm in the next few days 😊 Xxx

  • Doh!! Yes I read and knew that so not sure why I wrote that! Perhaps I have Frostie on the brain! Or the meds are making me loose my mind. Good luck and I hope you chillax on your 2ww, try not to test early it's screws with your head xx

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