Overstimulation and unprotected sex

So my first cycle of IUI has been abandoned due to over stimulation. I have four large and two small follicles. The clinic advised no unprotected sex for the next 7 days. Has anyone ignored this advice? I know that nurse knows best but Im intrigued to see what others think. By not having unprotected sex I feel like Im missing out on an opportunity. Any opinions on this? xx

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  • Hey, slightly different but my friend was meant to of abandoned her cycle of clomid due to to large follicles. She ignored there advice and is now 12 weeks pregnant - it's a risky choice though but she felt the same about missing an opportunity x

  • I would take the clinics advice and avoid, they would know best.

  • You might get twins so just depends how you would feel about that. My friend was told the same and ignored it but still didn't conceive. It's your call Hun xx

  • I would follow professionals advice. They know what is best.

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