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So we had the best luck and got a baby on our first ivf . It's almost 8 weeks and 2 nights ago we thought it would be nice to have sex .. it was all going fine (sorry for the details) and then I bleed a lot after .. I am so very worried I feel the same just feel selfish and stupid ... I have some brown spotting now anyone got any advice or been through this

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  • I had this at around 8 weeks (small bleed) and 16 weeks which was a massive bleed. I went in for a scan at 16 weeks as it was so heavy and baby was fine. Doctors said that all the blood vessels can get irritated by sex which causes you to bleed. I also found out I have an eroding cervix which is nothing to worry about and won't hurt the baby just something I will deal with after she is here. If you are worried still I would call the epu and ask for a scan xx

  • Thanks ! I think I might phone for a scan and email it mind at rest

  • Hi ROsemary76. Oh dear, I'm not surprised you are worried. You have to remember that your cervix will be producing extra secretions now, and it could be that having sex has just upset it a bit. The fact the blood is now brown, points to the fact that it is "old" blood, so try not to worry. Lots of ladies have similar experiences and we never know why. As "lianm8" suggests if you are really worried then see if you can have a scan to put your mind at rest. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

  • Diane, when is it ok to have sex once you find out you are pregnant?

  • Hi PB265. Best to wait for first scan, then be "gentle" till 3rd trimester. Enjoy -carefully! Diane

  • The 7 week, or the 12 week scan?

  • Hi PB265. 12 weeks if possible. Diane

  • One of my friends only had sex with her husband twice while she was pregnant; both times afterwards she bled. Quite badly. After the second time she decided no more sex during pregnancy. She got checked out both times and baby was fine 😊 she just decided it wasn't worth the worry

  • I managed to get in and got a scan after I phoned the midwife and our beautiful bloob is Still there with heart beat !

    Stress over ...

  • What a relief that must be! Good to hear everything is fine xx

  • ive heard this is common but maybe speak to clinic just for reassurance, best of luck xxx

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