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IUI - day 9 to 11

DAY 9 - So day 9 was when I gave myself the third and final injection infront of the nurse. I was a bit nervous about it but had practiced on an orange the day before and felt I'd grasped it ok. On the actual day I was all fingers and thumbs and made a bit of an arse of it. It felt like I was being examined. I suppose I was. Anyway, I fumbled my way through it and managed to pierce the needle into my stomach (twice as I accidently pulled it back out the first time). There was more resistance and more pressure needed in pressing the "plunger" down than there had been when practicing on the orange and this made me feel a bit queasy. So much so that the nurse wanted me to lie down on the bed for a few minutes but I refused and after a drink of water and a seat for 10 mins I was fine and feeling quite proud of myself. Next time will be so much easier (I hope)!

DAY 10 - A day at work and an evening of looking after my other half who has sinusitis. It kept my mind off the IUI, which I feel is taking over my life at the moment. I've been constantly wondering about whats going on in my ovaries and worrying that maybe nothings going on! At a working lunch today it was all baby chat. I feel like Im surrounded by it just now! Later on at night I felt I had a kind of stitch on my right side but convinced myself I was imagining things. Never slept well for thinking about my scan tomorrow morning.

DAY 11 (today) - So this morning it was scan time to see whats been going on in there. I was so nervous on my way to the hospital and worrying that I hadnt responded to the tablets and injections as Ive been feeling ok and expected to have been a complete hormonal mess. I've ended up being over stimulated with 3 large and 1 small follicle on the right ovary and 1 large and 1 small on the left. So now I know I wasn't imagining that stitch in my right side! I'm so disappointed and sad. I held it together in front of the nurse but when I got to the car and phoned my other half I couldn't hold back the tears. I've headed home instead of to work because I cant face my colleagues leaving lunch as she's finishing up for maternity leave today. Feeling like a wimp and know I'll probably have loads of disappointments and hurdles to get over in the future and I cant run home to my comfort blanket every time it doesn't go my way but it's not easy. I suppose I should see the positives and hope that next time we get it right. It's all a bit trial and error.

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You're doing great. Don't give up. You are very strong xx

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Hey! Oh I really feel for you. My first treatment was cancelled due to too many follicles but I was only on Clomid. I've done the last two natural as I shouldn't have been given Clomid really. As you say, trial and error. Did they say to do anything differently next time? Hope you're ok. It's ok to cry and protect yourself from baby talk. Dust yourself off and keep going xx


Hey. Thanks for your reply. It sounds like there'll be no clomid next time, just injections. Maybe I shouldn't have been given clomid first time either. Feeling better as the days went on and focusing on the positives.

Hope you're ok too. Today must have been tough for you too. xx


I'm so sorry to hear this about over stimulation - I'm truly gutted for you. My clinic said just merional to start with and even that took quite an effect.

It's good the drugs are doing their thing - just need to get the balance right! Thinking of you lovely and big hugs xxx

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