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IUI complete 2WW commences


Second IUI was completed this morning and I am glad OH was not in hospital and was able to come this time round. It actually hurt a bit today, i felt the catheter going in and I was in a bit of pain and super crampy so I was glad OH was there for support and to drive.

Pessaries start tomorrow night so I’m now Officially starting the dreaded 2WW but I am keeping my positive pants on and think it will be a little easier this time round having OH home and not really sick in hospital. Here’s to staying as relaxed as possible and passing the time together!

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You a speedy and positive 2ww

Ajplus1 in reply to Leesara

Thank you :)

Good luck!

Ajplus1 in reply to KW83

Thank you

Good luck!

Thank you. Good luck to you and your wife too!

Thank you :) it's a while since our last attempt, had forgotten how looooong the 2ww is!

Hoping it goes as quick as possible for you both!

Oh good, so pleased that it went well. Much more relaxing this time without all the worry and having to drive so far to the hospital. Hope that’s what it takes for it to be a positive for you🤞 x

Ajplus1 in reply to Kyell2

Thank you. Fingers and toes crossed. How is everything going with you? x

Kyell2 in reply to Ajplus1

I’ve still not started... still waiting for my clinic to send an email to say that the donor sperm can be sent. No idea why it’s taken over 2 weeks, if they don’t send it tomorrow then I’m going to have to complain....nothing is ever simple 😩

Ajplus1 in reply to Kyell2

Oh that’s not good. Hopefully you get some answers tomorrow and can move to the next stage xx

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