Treatment day 11 (CD12) - EC!

So the trigger shot went well although the pain in my boobs was so bad by that point I convinced myself I had ovulated already!

Friday morning I went in at 820 & I woke up 30mins later in pain :( an injection later & that had eased.

My consultant came in & 10eggs! I couldn't believe it, 10 follicles & 10 eggs! I spent the day in & out of bed, I didn't need pain killers but for me it was painful.

Today is the day after & the pain/bloating has eased with the help of orange juice & lots of salt.

I got an email this morning saying 9 mature eggs & 8 fertilised! We're both over the moon with this news & scared / excited for Monday to see how they are doing. In both past cycles by day 2 our embryos had failed or were well on the way.

The plan is now to get to blastocyst transfer on wednesday, terrified & excited all at the same time xx

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  • Well done!

  • Great result! So pleased to hear your news and I'm sending your positive vibes for your little embies and hope they stay strong and make it to blastocyst xxx

  • Aww that's fab news!. Got everything crossed for that they go to day 3 or 5. Xx

  • Great news you must be pleased so far. Sending you positive vibes for Monday xxx

  • Good luck x

  • Great result!! Best of luck with the rest of it!

  • Great news and good luck!!!!! Xxx

  • Good luck sweet xx

  • Good luck πŸ’–hope all goes to plan and fingers crossed for transfer on Wednesday xxx

  • Well done great news, sending you lots of luck. Xx

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