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Trying to conceive

hi everyone!

I've been married for 5 years now and I don't have any child. One year after I married my husband we decided to have a baby. We tried more than a year with no results. Then we checked with our family doctor who advised us to get tested for fertility. We did and my husband is ok, but I don't produce healthy eggs. in other words, I am infertile.

the news was horrible for both of us. our doctor guided us to a fertility clinic, where we've done more tests. I was recommended an egg donor, but I am not sure if this is the best option for me. also, I am not sure how this thing goes. I feel the child wouldn't be actually mine, but more of my husband's child.

did anyone feel the same? did anyone got pregnant with a donor?

hope I can get some answers from you, guys. thanks!

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I am 12 weeks pregnant using donor eggs and my husbands sperm. Feel free to message me any questions xx


my main question is if you feel the baby is yours? I am very aware of the fact the baby will be the donor's baby. like she won't be mine. she will be my husband's baby and the donor's.

another thing I am afraid of is the baby's features. like, she will look like the donor? I am blonde and tall. my husband is also blonde and slim. what if the baby will come out dark haired? what if she will look like the donor?

and there is a third question: health issues. my husband and I made our health history folder. we know all the major heath issues in our families, from us to our grandparents. but we won't know the donor's health history.

how do you cope with these issues? did you also felt this way when you become pregnant?


Sorry you are in this situation. I would say that although the egg may not be yours you would carry the baby for 9 months, share blood and feed your growing child through every part of you so it will be your baby too. The first time you see the scan, the first time he/she kicks this baby will be yours. I wish you all the best xx

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