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Period stopped - not pregnant and can't start IVF :(

Has anyone had their period just stop on them?! Mine has. It's the first time in 8 years of TTC that I've needed it to come (every other month I've found it depressing!), but I had only just confirmed we'd try IVF so needed day 1 so I could plan for the down-reg injections. But it hasn't come. I've done so many tests - all BFN. The doc says it's probably stress and not to worry, but I'm worried my low AMH has pushed me into an early menopause (I'm 33!). So now I'm more stressed, yet trying to relax, but still holding some hope that the next test will be positive. Even though I know it won't. The doc won't do any tests because apparently "time will tell"! Argh!! Has this happened to anyone else? I thought I was a bit of a failure before but this is just a nightmare. K xx

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Hey Hun I had this. I was waiting for my period which is normally there or there abouts on time......but no when I was due to start IVF it was almost 10 days late.

I think it's obviously down to the stress and anticipation of waiting for it as you know you can then move on through the fertility process etc. And people say "don't stress" lol this is easier said than done!!

But my advice is do have lots of relaxation time. Time with friends, family, Partner. Possibly book a spa, manicure/pedicure whatever helps you relax hun.

Wishing you lots of luck hun. Xx


The month before I started Ivf I was 2 weeks late (never happened before), multiple pregnancy tests negative. Give it a bit longer. I know how frustrating it is when you want to move forward. Good luck & take care xx


I had the same thing happen to me a few months back; it was hard not to get really mad with my reproductive system for seemingly not being able to do ANYTHING I need it to. Focus on relaxing if you can- stress isn't good for anything. Good luck with the IVF. X


Thanks everyone - I'm glad it's not just me! It seems that everyone else around me has normal cycles, knows within a few days of AF not happening that they're pregnant, and has beautiful healthy children!! It would be nice for my body to be normal for a change :) I'm now 14 days late and just waiting.... K xx


Thanks everyone for your advice - it finally arrived on day 45, so now I'm waiting for clinic to confirm if it means I need to take hormones for a bit to regulate it all. K xx


Hi, I was researching on the net and saw this post of yours which you posted about a year ago. It is very similar to my situation, so wonder if you could share what your clinic did for you as a follow up?

After a long wait, we're due to start IVF this month (July 2016), but same thing happened to me - my period hasn't come. In the past 3 years of TTC, I've been charting my BBT and using ovulation strips to test LH surge monthly, everything was normal until my previous cycle in May. In that cycle, although I had a LH surge, but I noticed my BBT didn't rise as usual, so I had a blood test done by my GP, confirmed that my CD21 progesterone was low, only 27nmol/L (might have ovulated but weak). During my current cycle (June), I persisted to do home tests on my ovulation, but there wasn't any LH surge at all, and BBT stays low. I still went ahead to repeat the CD21 progesterone test, and it was only 1.6nmol/L, which is anovulatory. This is very unusual because during our TTC, my charting never indicated any anovulatory cycle, and all my other pre-IVF hormone tests appeared to be normal.

Although I'm only 3 days late today, but since my blood test confirmed that I did not ovulate this cycle, it is very likely that I will either miss this period or have a very late ''bleeding'' due to no progesterone change. My clinic told me not to worry cos IVF drugs will override my cycle, doesn't matter if I ovulate or not in the next cycle, as long as I bleed, then we can start counting to my next CD21 for down regulation. But I'm concerned that even if my period comes late, it's not a normal period, and my body may not respond normally to the drugs.

We also have an issue about my funding's deadline, so we cannot afford to wait any longer to start the 1st IVF... Thank you for your time in reading my story. I would appreciate your reply. Did you feel that late period had a normal flow, and did your clinic scan you or do anything to regulate your cycles before starting IVF?

Many thanks!


Hi JenJen - thanks for your message, what a lot of stress for you! The clinic ended up doing nothing about my late period and the IVF went ahead as planned. Apparently the stress of knowing you're going for IVF can have a funny effect on your body and a late period is normal :) I seem to remember that when it did come I had horrible cramps, and your clinic is right in that it doesn't matter anyway as they manage your hormones for your next cycle to make IVF happen.

So, I know this is impossible, but don't worry. Mine ended up being 2 weeks late - if you just assume that yours will be too, you can hold onto that future date as your expected day 1 and try to relax for now. IVF is hard enough without being too stressed before it starts ;)

Since last year, I lost the weight I needed to get NHS funding (total loss of 5 stone) and we've just had our second cycle (period late that time too!!) which failed. We're going back to our clinic next week to see about trying one more time.

Masses of luck to you - it's not fun but you can totally do it. Your body will do what it has to do - just let it have its wee freak out for now ;)

K xx


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