Antidepressants whilst pregnant

Hi ladies

So had my first consultation at the fertility clinic and all is perfect! Waiting for my period to start then I can start my medication and get this process rolling! (I'm doing long protocol)

One of my concerns is I'm currently on a very low dosage of antidepressants only 10mg but my anxiety has been really bad lately so I've booked doctors appointment to discuss medication and what's the best one to be on whilst in this process and hopefully being pregnant, the lady at the clinic said diazepam if a very popular one and has been given to patients before egg collection etc for nerves, but need something long term and was wondering with anyone's experience has anyone taken diazepam thoughtout a pregnancy and been okay and went on to have a healthy baby?

Tia ! X

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  • Hi I was on citalopram 40 mg long term and told to swap to sertraline. I was advised by the midwife and my clinic that this was safe. Currently 7 weeks pregnant. Obs benefits outweigh the risks! I can't be without it! Good luck! X

  • Thank you so much, will mention that one to the doctor when I go there, good luck with everything, I know I can't be without mine either lol xxx

  • Haha! You and I seem alike! Yes don't let them advise you otherwise I had a very insensitive doctor initially who insisted I come off them all together When we started TTC. I ended up having 3 months off work suffering with the difficulty of TTC and anxiety! Since then my need has been taken seriously and the midwife said loads of women stay on them throughout there pregnancy on much higher doses than me! (Probs tmi! But just wanted to reassure you and see that you aren't fobbed off! 😊Thankyou fingers crossed first scan tomorrow! X

  • we must be! my anxiety has been at its all time worst lately with everything going on so fingers crossed our first round works but the worry of carrying a child for 9 months gives me panic attacks so I must stay on them or atleast change lol,

    wow good luck for tomorrow, will be thinking of you xxxx

  • Yes it was a real trigger for me too! Your fit and healthy so you should do well 👍🏼Sperm issues are much more straight forward. im off work till 12 weeks as I'm such a worrier! Don't think there's any changing us even when we get pregnant! Thankyou keep me posted on your journey how long have u got to wait so you know? X

  • Yeah the doctor said he thinks it will end with a positive because of my age and having no problems but we will see! Oh really tat must be nice though to chill and try and enjoy it without junking of work! I'm start my meds around the end of august so not to long! Xxx

  • Fingers crossed for you! Yes less pressure/would be nice if the weather was better to pass the time tho! lol they've been great I can't complain! All the best not long now! X

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