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New here, where do you begin the Journey?

Hello all! I'm 26 & found out yesterday our only chance for children is through IVF.

I have endometriosis, (just had successful TPPE) Adenomyosis, bilateral hydrosalpinx, blocked tubes (just opened but not for long :( ) and PID. I'm a high risk for miscarriage & ectopic.

So my question is, how do I begin the IVF process?! How long does the process take from the first appointment to treatment? What is the process? Is it extra for all the medication? Should I save for about 3 tries? Is it better to start as soon as we can because all my problems or wait a year/2 years?

I'm so over whelmed and this site has always been a god send for me! Thank you in advance xxx

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Me and my partner went through fertility testing I had a lap and dye along with hystercoscopy Nov 15. When we returned for results in December just a few days before Christmas we was told our only chance would be IVF due to left blocked tube no right tube due to previous ectopic pregnancy and was told also had endometriosis. We signed the papers for funding there and then we had out first app 26th Jan this year had EC & ET April this year unfortunately our round wasn't successful we have a frozen embryo for a future cycle. I would go speak with your GP and discuss ref with them to a fertility clinic are you entitled to NHS funding?? All the best with your journey x


Thank you for your reply! That's a quicker process than I thought, which is hopeful! I have an appointment with GP on 3rd June to see where to from here. All the best to you and your partner x


Unless you or your psrtner have children already you should be entitled to treatment on the NHS if you live in the UK. Is your consultant going to make the referral? If not go to your GP ASAP for a referral.

If you are paying privately it can be expensive but clinics offer bulk buy and even give refunds if it doesn't work at your age using your own eggs.

Good luck, I hope you get your baby one day.


Thank you for your reply! Neither of us have children and fit the health requirements, have an appointment June 3rd, earliest they could give me! Thank you again X


Not too long to wait for that appointment so that's good. You've got age on your side and success rates at your age are much better. Diane Arnold, the nurse on this site, has a last if questions that might be worthwhile contacting her about.

Good luck.

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Sorry to hear you've been told IVF is the only route, but there is still lots of hope. You're in the right place for support and advice when things get tough.

In the meantime like the other girls say, book in with your GP asap to get referred to your local fertility unit. Then you'll have to meet the fertility consultant and go through forms and basic tests like bloods and your partner's sperm tests. Once they confirm you need to go for IVF you'll get more forms to fill in for NHS funded IVF (if you don't already have children) and then there could be a little wait to get referred to your IVF Clinic. (It took 3 or 4 months for us to get referred from GP to fertility unit and then 6 months from fertility unit to IVF clinic). I think it depends on where you live too as we don't have a clinic on our doorstep. Then you'll also find out if you get 1, 2 or 3 free cycles on the NHS (purely down to where you live and the population density in that area).

Once you start at the clinic things will move a bit quicker. We had blood tests and sperm tests and more forms plus a big chat with the consultant about the process.

The best advice I can give is to try not to get disheartened, it happens quicker when you have distractions and nice things to look forward to (plus you might be quicker getting referred as you've already had lots of tests). Take each step one stage at a time and focus on the good. Talk to each other lots. When choosing your clinic you'll be told to look at the results on the HFEA website (which vary slightly clinic to clinic).

There are lots of women out there who get pregnant from IVF so you mustnt give up hope but having said that it is a very emotional time and you both need to be prepared for that . There are lots of books you can read (I think I have a post on my profile listing some of them). Also there's a lot of IVF jargon that you'll quickly pick up (again a list on my profile). The forum here is great for letting off steam or for some support and chances are there will be a lady with exactly the same situation as you to share advice with. Hope this helps.

Best of luck! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€




Thank you for your reply! That was really helpful! I'm sure we will fit the requirements, neither of us have children and are healthy etc. Problem is I need surgery to remove my tubes before We start IVF so I need to slip that in somehow beforehand. Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it, all the best to you! X

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You're welcome lovely x


I've got the same conditions as you hun x we started seeing gynae in May 2014. Going in tomo to have my tubes removed due to the bilateral hydrosalpinx (feeling very emotional today). Once this is done and I've recovered though it's full speed ahead with IVF. Make sure you see your gp and get referred to a gynae asap. I had to have lots of tests, hysteroscopy and I had laparoscopy last year too.

Good luck hun xx


Oh gosh I hope you are ok after today. So sorry you had to do it, I'm still unwilling to accept the removal! All the best with your IVF Journey, do let me know how everything goes! Xx


Had my surgery this morning went well and both tubes were removed. Feeling sore but glad it's all over and just need to concentrate on getting better x x

I was same as you hun with not wanting to have the removal but my fertility clinic wouldn't be able to offer treatment without having the bilateral sapingectomy done. Plus just think if tubes were healthy then they would be working but both of mine were badly damaged so either way it didn't matter if they were there or not xx


So glad you are ok, I hope your recovery is good and the IVF goes well for you! All the best xx

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Hey just as an aside, I also have endometriosis and am on the endometriosis uk forum on here. May be worth checking out if you haven't seen it. I find it amazing for advice and support as it's an awful condition. Good luck X


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