Ladies on the 2WW

How are you all doing? Hopefully holding up ok and not rocking in a corner somewhere!

I'm feeling a bit better about everything now I'm in my final week (blood test on Thursday) so an end is in sight and at least I'll know either way.

I was absolutely convinced AF would arrive yesterday (10 days after transfer) as that's when the old witch arrived on my last two attempts. I started to get a migraine on Thursday which is always what happens tp me a few days before, then I've been getting AF type pains too. But alas, no sign and hopefully it'll stay that way! So feeling a teensy bit more positive now, though still not getting my hopes up.

I've also been feeling a bit sick on and off the last couple of days and still have lower abdominal ache. Pretty sure this must just be coincidence though as surely it would be too early for any 'symptoms'? My mind is playing tricks with me, aargh!

Hooe you're all doing ok x

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  • Are you on progesterone pessaries? They play havoc with giving us all the symptoms of both pregnancy and PMT so it's no wonder we don't know what to think!!! I am on day 3 of my 2ww so u are much further on - got all my fingers crossed for u, best of luck for Thursday xx

  • Yes, I am on the Crinone gel twice a day so basically putting everything down to that. I am also on Progynova (estradiol) which apparently can make you feel sick so I'm trying not to read anything into it.

    How are you feeling? Hooefully still in the positive feeling stage! 😊 x

  • My EC was a bit brutal, very sore after too. Consultant said my endo was getting in the way! Lot better now though, wish I could just fast forward the 2ww!! My husband is convinced its gonna work this time, so i hope he's right!xx

  • Hi Cazo. Just wanted to wish well when you test on Thursday. You're nearing a rotten time enduring the 2WW. Well done so far and I will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. It's the longest two weeks ever and never gets any easier! Still, I have got further than my first two attempts so must stay positive!

  • Indeed you must! We're all with you. Diane

  • I'm on 2WW after stimulated IUI last Monday - my test date not until 2nd August, which is actually a 16 day wait! Having a slight dip emotionally today about not even being half way through yet, and drug symptoms are wearing off, which is the closest I've had to actual symptoms.

    Thinking of you on your long wait and wishing the best for you xxx

  • If it's any consolation I had a very low couple of days around day 7 and so did a couple of other ladies on here. Day 7 seems to be the worst one but I havd been feeling a little better the last couple of days now the end is nearer.

    Stay strong and good luck x

  • It's a pre-mid-slump I think, so it makes sense that it's when many feel down. Am writing in my diary to get rid of some emotion. Thanks very much for being supportive....roll on Thursday for you xxx

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