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2WW = losing the plot

Hi all

I'm currently 10dp5dt and I'm hitting the 2WW brick wall. 😑

I'm considering testing tomorrow as I have an important day at work Thurs and not sure if I can cope with that and bad news.

I feel it has definately not worked again this time. After a fair few aches, pains, twinges for the first week and then AF style pains for the following two days, I now have ZERO symptoms. I'm bloated but that's is probably the pessaries and I have a headache but I think that is stress 🙄. Before my normal AF I normally have incredibly sore boobs. They seem to react with hormone changes and the fact they don't hurt one little bit makes me think it is all over.

I know it isn't over until the bloated, emotional and tired lady tests, but I just have a gut feeling his one hasn't worked like last time.

Anybody else had no symptoms and then gone on to get a BFP?


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Hi, I'm in almost the same situation - 7 days since 5d ET in a FET cycle now. In some natural cycles, I get sore boobs post ovulation, sometimes not. I didn't have a ovitrelle injection, just progesterone pessaries after a natural LH surge. Can't test til Thursday. I had a few cramps later the same day as ET. A bit nauseous the last 3 days but not sure if that's just in my head! So hard. I feel it hasn't worked. Any thoughts? Did others get no symptoms but a BFP?


I think I feel nauseous and I have a headache too but I think I am creating these things. I am also craving junk food, but again I think this may be an excuse 🙈

It's so hard to know what is going on.

I feel so disheartened already 😩 The 2WW is horrific! Xx


There are definitely women on here who had no symptoms but had a bfp. Good luck xx

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I feel EXACTLY the same as you. When I fell pregant before (although I did eventually miscarry) I had really sore boobs that were much bigger than normal. At the moment I have nothing. In fact, I think my boobs are actually smaller than they normally are!

I am due to have my blood test on Thursday but like you have now convinced myself it's going tobe negative.

I was stupid and when I got home from work yesterday remembered I had a test at home so in a moment of 2ww madness I tested and it was negative. Am trying to hold out hope that it was still too early (11 days after a 2 day FET) and that because I did it later in the day it may not have been strong enough to show. But I'm only kidding myself. Feel gutted 😢

I'll keep everything crossed for you, hope you get a positive result x


Oh no Hun 😔 I'm so sorry, but as you say it is still early and I don't think you should rule it out yet.

I tried to test this morning, but the only test I had left in the bathroom had dust on it and expired in 2016 (I can't have them in the house!) I'm sure it would of been fine but then I would have made excuses that the test was faulty.

My boobs are pretty sensitive at the best of times and hurt for probably the first three days after ET, but now, like you, they don't hurt at all (I have been squeezing them quite hard to try and find some pain!! 😂🙈) and probably do seem smaller. The only thing is that they have been slightly itchy...

I'm pretty sure it's all over for us and I might test tomorrow to save the big build up for Thurs.

Fingers crossed your outcome changes and the blood test is a different outcome. Wishing you lots of luck 🤞🏼🤞🏼



Thinking of you x I have been testing early - my OH won't be impressed. He can never understand that I can't resist temptation and just wait. Anyway, it depends on the brand - some faint positive and some definitely negative. I'm none the wiser really. So, has there been any point? This is my 4 time so I should know better. Last week I felt so low as I felt I had no symptoms at all. I have two tests ready for tomorrow morning.

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