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Diazepam- what dosage to take?

After having a bad experience I really struggle to have any type of internal examination, I need to have a smear on Tuesday and the doctor has given me some 5mg diazepam tablets - has anyone taken diazepam for this type of thing and what dosage did you take and how effective was it? I've already had one failed attempt at the smear and don't want the same to happen to me again - any advice would be much appreciated x

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I have never taken it myself but have known it to be quite an effective drug to relax you. Diazepam 5 is quite a good strength to take aswell

Good luck


Oh gosh, I have the same issue! And my Dr I think recommended diazepam too. I've been delaying it for a long time, so much so that I have delayed using my 1 remaining frozen embryo as a result - because they need an up to date smear!!

Do you find it painful, or is it anxiety? Mine is painful, and now anxiety as a result of the pain.

I keep delaying booking my appt. Was going to today and didnt, again!


I had a bad experience last year at the hospital and it's affected me ever since I'd say it's the anxiety start with which then makes me tense causing pain and discomfort! The hospital then said they'd do one whilst I had my fertility tests done under a GA but they lost the swab! We are know having IVF so like u need an up to date one! I went on Monday and as soon as I walked into the doctors I lost it so although the nurse tried she couldn't do it! I'm keen to have it done now as want to get over the fear as don't want to feel scared every time I have an appointment, I'll let you know how I get on with the diazepam x


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