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What do you and DH take? Supplements, herbs, diet, ttc must haves!


Hey everybody!🤗

Happy Saturday everyone, hope you're having a good weekend. This post might seem a bit basic for all us ttc pros😄 but thats why I wanted to ask. Everyone on here has their own wealth of information regarding what to take when ttc and I for one want to hear it👂😁 in the pic attached I have put what DH and I are taking atm. Please share all your hints and tips. Thank you @AllyBell88 who shared fab advice with me and gave me the idea to post❤

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Also did low carb diet, cut sugar and DH and I both cut alcohol for 3 months before cycle! X

I took DHEA 75mg daily, pregnacare, Ubiquinol, acupuncture weekly with more sessions before/after egg collection and transfer. Zero alcohol for me and DH for 3 months prior to round and obviously during (not even rum and raison ice cream would have been allowed!!) Totally organic diet - really expensive but felt so much better for it and really believed in this one. Now 7 weeks pregnant so something worked!! :) Good luck xx

Respect on the dedication bluewanderlust! Congratulation on your pregnancy!😚

I think it depends where the fertility problems lie as there's some great for egg quality, or pcos. Or if it's sperm issues a lot more options.

We are male factor but I also turned 35 just before treatment this time, so he was on proxeed plus, selenium, vit c and e, omega 3. I took ubiquinol 300mg a day swear this helps, vitamin code prenatal x

We are 6+3 today, and we're successful first try with our fresh.cycle in 2014, but miscarried in march this year which was why I read it starts with the egg, took ubiquinol as recommended and followed the life style advise in there. So no plastic containers, perfume, wore gloves when cleaning. I avoided aspartame so diet drinks, ate natural, lots of super foods, high diet with protein, ensured lots of lentils, beans, so not all animal proteins, when stimming had at least 1 pint of milk a day & 60g protein. X

Macavela in reply to TeamMonkey

You ladies are really impressing me with your clean healthy lifestyles.

GoshTeamMonkey sounds like a rollercoaster but sounds like you are on track! I have recently been told I may have PCOS and the more I read, the more I'm concerned about egg health for ttc and to stay pregnant. My husband had low semen mobility and has been taking supplements for a while now and his stats have improved🤞 good luck to you and keep me posted!

I took proxeed for women and would recommend that

I also take Proxeed for women and would also recommend it. My consultant said that DHEA is widely used in the rest of Europe but not recommended in the UK as there is some evidence that it can damage the baby. I know a lot of people on here use it. I guess it depends on your own situation. You have to weigh up the risks and benefits.

I wonder about exercise. The last round I did more exercise and ate healthily and more of my follicles grew. I did read online that exercise not recommended during IVF and this time I have been super sedentary but don't have as many follicles growing.

Macavela in reply to forMoira

Thanks Cyantist and forMoira for the replies! Need me some proxeed!😄

I know what you mean forMoira about DHEA, as soon as bluewonderlust mentioned it I got googling away and found varying info. I'm eager to jump on if it's going to help but perhaps it's more suited on a case by case basis. The fertility doctor I have seen thinks I may have PCOS based on my blood tests (I have regular cycles and appear to ovulate with those at home ovulation sticks so maybe I don't) anyway... I don't want to take something that may counteract managing that, who knows!🙈

We are at the beginning of our assisted-ttc journey! I had no idea it was not recommended to not exercise during IVF. I would of thought getting your blood pumping would of been good and promote general well being and a strong body has to be a good thing. I guess so long as you're not doing anything too gruelling.

forMoira in reply to Macavela

I didn't read much about the exercise. A couple of people.said their clinics had told them not to exercise. One of the girls suggested it may be because you could lose the hormones you use to stimulate while sweating. My own clinic said light exercise was fine.

Macavela in reply to forMoira

Thanks for sharing😘

Our clinic recommends a supplement called condensyl for sperm health. It's meant to be an all in one so that's all my Hubbie takes. We have also been making an effort to eat as much organic as possible... gosh it's expensive!

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