Just one thing after the other - feel like I have no options

I'm so gutted- as many of you know I went in for my first ivf consultation 2 weeks ago in which they told me funding should be approved in 2 weeks and then we can start treatment in sept. Hadn't heard anything from them so rang them today and they firstly said that approval for funding doesn't take 2 weeks it takes a month. Then they said due to staff shortages I would then go on a waiting list so def no start date of sept 😞 She wouldn't even tell me how long the wait is likely to be -said she didn't know. When I said just tell me roughly was it months or a year she said def not a year most likely months. Months can mean between 1 and 11. 2 very different things!! I asked about paying and she said wouldn't make a difference because they have staff shortages. I don't think it's worth going somewhere else as would have to start all over again with tests etc. And frankly why should we have to pay when we can get it free on NHS? Been waiting over a year now and getting really fed up. I'd be able to deal better if they gave me a date it's just the whole not knowing that's so so hard 😞Sorry to vent but know you lot will understand!! Xxx

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  • Hi I am sorry to hear that you are having these problems. I was not entitled to any funding so had to self finance. I just wanted to say that if you pay you often wont have to wait too long with most clinics. I actually chose one clinic and had my first consultation and my tests and scan there. However in the meantime I decided to change to a different clinic, just a gut feeling and so glad I did. I started the process with the first clinic in March, changed to new Clinic at beginning of April, had my cycle and am now 6 weeks pregnant. I just want to reassure you that if you self fund you most likely wont need to wait too long and the clinic you chose can often use your test results and scans that you have had done already. PM me if you need anymore info, happy to help xx

  • Thanks. Think we ll wait another 2 weeks til funding gets approved then see what they say. We ve decided to go on a spur of the moment holiday in sept now if they can't fit us in -something positive to look forward to. Congrats!! It's so nice to hear when people finally get their good news πŸ˜€ Xx

  • You should be able to request copies of your tests and take with you. I did and they gave me them

  • I can imagine the frustration that you are feeling, you can go back to the CCG and request to be moved to another clinic. Be mindful however that this isn't a given and that paying for IVF can often mean that you loose one of your precious funded IVF NHS cycles. Enjoy your holiday in the meantime (keep pestering the clinic too! You never know persistence can often pay dividends!) xxx

  • Hi Bec-A. Unfortunately clinics due tend to wind down during the middle of July to end of August due to holiday times, when most of the consultants etc take their main leave. It could just be down to that, but whatever date you get, keep checking with his/her secretary in case a cancellation should occur. Hope all works out for you when you do start. Diane

  • Hi, that's awful for you. For us we have no control over anything so having dates is something we can look forward too. Have you written to the person in charge or asked to see them. As my Nan says in some circumstances he who shouts louder gets heard and that treatment is not very fair at all. Maybe speaking to someone in charge will help you? Good luck x

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