I'm I the only one that is taking everything to heart and feel like people are rubbing babies in my face???

My brother who has only had his first girlfriend for 3 months and they announced that she is pregnant. She already has a 3 year old from a previous but she keeps calling my husband daddy and she just laughs but it is getting to me now. I just can't believe she is not correcting her daughter or telling her off as now she is starting to say daddy on purpose because everyone laughs. I feel that it's all abit incencetive of her and them to land all this on me when I've suffered lately waiting for my ivf to start. I can't cope at the min.

Am I being silly???? Do I need to see someone ???

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  • When my treatment failed, my sister in law announced she was pregnant and I got really upset, when I see pregnant women I just think its not fair :-( so I know how you feel.

    wish you all the best. X

  • Thank you, keep thinking I've changed into a horrible person.

    And if I say something they may think it's strange

  • Definitely not, its natural and all of us on here who are struggling are sensitive to someone announcing a pregnancy and women who have babies. You're not a horrible person for having emotions. If you say something, your family may think you're being mean or being odd and acting weird but unless they've gone through it, won't understand, dont worry about it and good look on the baby front :) xx

  • Thank you , this community is great for emotional help. I feel so much better now. X

  • Yep I totally agree!! I have turned into a moany wingy hag!!! X

  • Has anyone tried acupuncture? I'm debating on weather to try it for stress, depression or ivf.

    Can't think of anything else to do to sort my head out x

  • I think we have all felt like that at some point, I know I have.. My neighbour is now on her 7th, (3 lil uns under 3!) and at 38 she said she can still "pop them out no problem" (her favourite saying) I smile, but always think it's unfair..

    I've had acupuncture before and absolulty loved it, it was super relaxing.. Once I start my treatment I will certainly be starting again... X

  • Yes, acupuncture works very well for a lot of things including fertility and mood elevation (both men and women). You have to keep at it though, its a long term treatment commitment but I personally enjoy the process. My advice is to go to a an actual TCM clinic for it as opposed to a physiotherapist etc. I went to a college clinic of TCM for years in Canada and was always treated by a senior instructor, very professional and inexpensive that way.

  • You're certainly not alone. It feels like everyone around me is getting pregnant and it makes me feel jealous, angry, upset and a whole host of other emotions. I'm avoiding friends and family that are pregnant and have kids. I feel like a horrible person too but it can't be helped! Now on my 2ww it's almost over but I'm not hopeful. Hope you find something that works for you.

  • Stella I know exactly how you feel Hun. That sounds awful aswell your brother allowing the little one to call your husband daddy. Does he know you're going through IVF? Some peoples are so insensitive even family. Quite a few people know I'm waiting for IVF & my friends & family keep telling about their babies & what their doing and how their progressing etc thinking I need to know every day. I don't know if they think are doing me a favour & keeping me involved but honestly sometimes I don't want to know. Or I get "you're in the best position, no kids , no mess, holidays when you want". Doh I want that you idiots! Could cry sometimes! Now one if my friends is having twists naturally and wants to meet up before she gets too big. I'm delaying meeting her to be fair as it's so difficult for me! Sad times. :-( x

  • Lol was suppose to say TWINs not TWISTs! Blooming predictive text!

  • Thanks for all your advice that has helped me lots. Mooster1 thanks that's exactly how I feel. My brother told me that I was loosing the plot and I need to take a holiday. That got me really upset,

  • Hi it's perfectly natural you are not alone! In the past two month I've had a baby neice and nephew born and three of my best friends have given birth. Although I am happy for them all I do sometimes feel isolated and I could scream when one of them moans about feeling tired etc, I also get daily updates about their babies and I do feel as though they are trying to involve me and not to isolate me but sometimes I just don't want to know! X

  • Oh my that's a lot of babies all at once. The thing that winds me up is when my brothers girlfriend only of 3 months came to my house and actually ran up to me without saying hello first and said look how big my belly is. That really got to me. Unfortunately I have him living with me so he can save to pass driving test but I wish they wasn't x

  • I'm having the same issue just now, we've been trying for about 18 months. My sister in law and 2 of my husbands' cousins have just had new babies in March and April, and I have several pregnant friends. Husband's family have stepped up the nagging since all the babies have arrived, to the point that I'm now avoiding going round to his auntie or parents houses when babies are in residence because I just can't cope with it.

  • I dont think your being silly at all.. pretty much everyone i know at the moment are expecting or have just had a newborn.. although im extremely happy for them i cant help but feel really sad because i cant have what they do... im at the point right now where i dnt even wanna leave my house in fear of seeing a baby and bursting into tears and not being able to control myself while in public.... ive recently thought of ending things and who knows mayb one day i will xxxx

  • This is totally normal... when me and my partner first started to try naturally it felt like everyone was falling pregnant and we'd see babies everywhere or pregnant girls... good things do happen to good people and it will happen to you.. me and my partner are about to start out treatment... good luck and fingers crossed for you xx

  • Thank you all for your support it has meant a lot, I feel much stronger now. All the best x

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