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Offer of treatment...questions 🎉🤔

Hi lovelies,

We very excitedly received our "you are now at the top of the NHS waiting list" letter today...we are having ICSI.

So excited and nervous at the same time, feel like I haven't prepared enough as it seems to be starting alot sooner than I'd anticipated.

Just wondering if anyone knows - the letter says we are required to be available for 4 months from the day you accept the offer of treatment (which I will accept tomorrow) taking me to mid November and then 6 weeks after this for monitoring, taking me to end of December. We have a holiday booked in September and I will cancel it and lose the money if needs be but I'm just wondering is this something the clinic can work around, we are only away for 1 week?

The letter says from the time you have a period until egg collection is approx 10 to 12 weeks which I'm calculating as mid October if they calculate it from this month. Would appreciate any wisdom on the topic, lol.

Sending love to all of you.


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I had to have my first cycle booked in and started before August they referred me Easter weekend which was 14th April and I started yesterday, I'd check with your clinic but I'm guessing you could as long as you've started before the cut of November date, xx


Ok great thanks for your reply. Best of luck with your treatment. How's it going so far? Xx


Thanks and good luck with yours,

Had a nightmare and hissy fit last night as has problems mixing my menopur as needle cap wouldn't come off and then the syringe come off loosing solution. Then I finally got cap off and pricked my little finger and blood went everywhere.

Lucky I had another pack of menopur and stared from scratch, I was really upset, my hubby rang the clinic for me today and his going to take the one that went wrong and see if they can fix it or just supply me with a new solution lucky, so had a bit of a nightmare think it was just over whelming and so different from last time, but I eventually got the first one in. Due the 2nd one in 10 mins,



Oh dear sounds stressful, glad you had hubby on hand to help! Hopefully the rest will go more smoothly for you! Is this your first round? X


My 2nd, my first one was 6 years ago and was unsuccessful, thanks hopefully it will :-) x


Fingers and toes crossed for you 😘😘


You normally have an option to delay for max 3 months to take into account any plans. I got letter end of april had my two appts end of may start of June started my treatment 2nd july.


Great thanks. When it says 3 months do you actually take medication for that long or does that time include tests etc and no meds. Sorry for lack of knowledge it will be my first round xx


The actual process will take 2-3 weeks.. prior to the procedure you and your partner has to go through some blood tests and other tests. I have just started taking my injections and waiting for egg retrieval.. prayers for you xx


Im taking medication for just over 4 weeks


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