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*sensitive post* antenatal appointment with consultant rather than midwife?

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Sorry to post this here, I know not everyone likes to read about people’s pregnancies necessarily.

I had a letter through the post this morning for a midwife episode appointment (not sure that means..) I’ll be potentially nearly 8 weeks by the point of the appointment.

My gp was supposed to be booking me in for a viability scan as I’ve had two miscarriages before. Is it likely that this is the scan as well?

It says that’s it’s with a consultant so presumably no midwife and if required I will receive a separate letter with details of an unltrasound appointment.. I have PCOS and I’m taking cyclogest as suggested by the epu so I don’t know if this makes a difference..

Has anyone had anything similar? Just wondering what to expect really.

Thanks x

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I can’t say what to expect but I’ve also been told I will have consultant led care ( my fertility doctor has ordered it) but I will need to still book in to see the midwife too once I’m 8 + weeks ( a week on Monday ) I also take progesterone pessaries as well as prednisone ( for raised nk cells) until I’m 12 weeks pregnant.

That’s super quick my doctors won’t do anything until I’m at least 8 weeks!

Sorry for your losses, I had a chemical pregnancy last year & it’s anxious being pregnant after a loss.

Hope someone can give you more answers xoxo

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Thanks Jess.

I thought it was a bit early as well as I’m really not sure on dates either as I don’t really have cycles on my own due to my PCOS. I could be anything between 11 & 7 weeks at the moment depending on if you go off when I last had a bleed. My clear blue 3 weeks ago said 2-3 weeks so I’m inclined to go off that and I think I’m 8 weeks on Sunday going off my glow app. It’s all a bit complicated! Lol.

When I spoke to my go she didn’t mention contacting the midwife just about an early scan as I’d had a day of spotting and been having cramps. I think that’s what has got me confused.

Miscarriages are awful aren’t they? I’m still not convinced when I actually have a scan that there won’t be anything there but trying to think about it too much where I can but it’s hard!

I’ll be ringing the hospital on Monday to check what the appointment is and I need to speak to my boss as there’s a chance work will want me to rearrange the appointment, but that won’t be happening!


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That must make dating the pregnancy much harder no wonder you are seeing them earlier. They will be able to date the pregnancy at the scan; they do that for everyone. Sometimes your due will differ to your last period date- my son from last period was due 2nd November but my scan dated my due date 31st October! That was 20 years ago so probably much more efficient now.

I have had some pink &brown spotting it’s really stressful especially after an experience of miscarriage. Everyone is telling me pink & brown is okay . As long as it’s not really heavy bleeding & you are doubled over in pain not to worry. But that is easier said than done.

Sod work this is much more important. There is legal obligation from employers to allow pregnant women time off for antenatal care- you can find more information at nhs site.

Good luck with everything xoxo

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Yeah I will be politely telling work to do one if they say to rearrange.

Spotting is so stressful especially after a previous loss I’m right with you there! I had the smallest amount of blood last night when before I put my latest pessary in and completely freaked out! I get nervous with any bleeding now, no matter what colour due my experiences last time. I think until I see all is well on a scan I will always be nervous & dubious. Especially as I haven’t had any morning sickness yet!

Hopefully I’ll manage to have a scan this week and it’s not just a booking appointment.

I hope you are doing ok at the moment. X

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I haven’t had any morning sickness either but I never did when I was pregnant with my son. In fact I’m eating more & fatty foods I wouldn’t normally eat! 🤣

The only symptoms I have is sore breasts, tiredness,bloating & constipation 😳 & my symptoms tend to come & go.

Do you have any?

Some women don’t & my mother in law had no symptoms at all with all her pregnancies & produced 3 healthy sons!

My hubby keeps saying it’s okay to spot brown he’s so calm & I just say I don’t want any just a smooth pregnancy please!! Haha after 7 years of TTC did I expect this part to be easy 🤣

I did hear you can still get implantation bleeding up to 12 weeks. 🙈

Good luck with your scan hope it gives you some much needed reassurance ✨💓🤞🏻 xoxo

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I’ve got really sore boobs that have gone up a cup size already 🙈 , i get dizzy and lightheaded and I’m pretty knackered all the time and I cry at the drop of a hat! Oh and I’m hungry all the time to the point where it sometimes makes me feel sick and I’m eating all the rubbish food. Haha! So I have got some symptoms, but as I’m on progesterone as well it’s hard to know what’s coming from what. I know that my mum never had morning sickness so maybe I’ll be lucky and not get it.

I know what you mean you think the trying to get pregnant will be the difficult thing not the pregnancy as well. 7 years is a long time, you’ve done well to keep trying for so long. We’ve been trying for just over two.

I hope things keep progressing well for you! Xx

I didn't meet my consultant until after I'd had the viability scan. They were 2 separate appointments. My midwife appointments are also another separate thing. My booking appointment with her was around 10 weeks.

Congratulations. x

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That’s useful to know. Thanks so much. X

I think in view of your past medical history they are referring you to a consultant. That doesn't rule out midwifery care. You get 2 specialists for the price of one clearly they are taki ng good care if you.

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It does seem that way. Just got to get through the first trimester now and look ahead to the rest of the pregnancy! X

Yes, I did. I was classified as high risk due to IVF and my spinal defect. Very long appointment seeing a lot of people. Pregnancy was pretty normal until delivery!

That’s good to know, I’m expecting the appointment to be a long one with a bit of waiting around, so taking snacks and a book! X

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