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Start of icsi treatment - scan advice!


Hi everyone,

So my husband and I are starting our first go at the icsi treatment. I contacted the clinic on the first day of my period as requested and according the the timeline they gave us I start taking the injections in 3 weeks [which will be the 21st Jan]. They called me this morning to book me in for a scan which is on the 11th Jan and I was wondering what this scan was for? I should have asked at the time but I was at work and not thinking straight! [first day back n all that!]. Slightly confused as to what they're looking for as I wouldn't have started the injections at that point?

Any enlightenment would be gratefully received!

Wishing you all the best on your journeys :) xxx

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Hi, is it a baseline scan perhaps to check ovaries / uterus etc? x

I would imagine it’s a diagnostic scan to see how everything sits normally. All the best x

I started my injections today and had a scan few weeks before to see how my ovaries looked normally and to decide on length of treatment needed

Maybe yours is for the same? X

KJLee in reply to Angharad24

That would make sense - thanks Angharad24 :) xx

My clinic does a baseline scan where they count the number of follicles they can see, and, I assume, check for any obvious problems.

Thanks everyone! Was just worried she had interpreted my message incorrectly in that I was Day 1 of medication or something! You've put my mind at rest :) xx

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