Clomid and Chinese herbal supplements

Hi, I am new and looking for some advice.

I have been TTC for two years and I am currently taking clomid with no successfully ovulation to date after three cycles.

I decided to try acupuncture as I thought why not. They have suggested start taking Chinese herbal supplements but I am concerned that they might interfere with the clomid.

Any advice ?

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  • I'd probably check with your Dr, some of these chinese meds are quite powerful. xx

  • Our clinic said not to take any Chinese medicine as they had had a decrease in success rates and Chinese medicine was a common feature in the failed cycles. Just cause they are herbal, doesn't make it safe. Xx

  • I'd agree with anna0908 & I'm surprised that the acupuncturist told you this. I don't think my clinic would have been happy with this, although I wasn't using Chinese medicines. The only thing I used was clary sage, lavender and sweet fennel in a diffuser, but I even stopped using that half way through the cycle. I was even afraid to do reflexology in the 2WW in case it messed with the process. If you really want to try them I'd ask your clinic xx

  • Actually, I agree completely with the girls above. I was just being a bit polite. But to be honest, I tried both acupuncture and chinese meds in Harley St.. at a huge cost, with a very well known lady. I completely regret it. That was 3 years before IVF, so i gave it plenty of time to help - but it didnt at all.

    They didn't pick up on how unwell i was, I had a grapefruit sized septated left ovary and lots of other issues. All they did was check my tongue, feel my pulse, made me chart my bbd (which i think is a good thing in itself), stick needles in me in a shared room separated only by curtains..

    The teas were unbelievably strong and I dont think all of these imported teas are regulated.

    Personally, I'd avoid them. Sorry but felt I should be honest. IVF worked for me eventually but this was 3 and a half years later.

    Having a good diet and eating organic, taking nice walks, will be money better spent in will improve your health and egg quality more than some npeedles and tea.

    Having said all that, I did read Julia Indichovas Inconceivable book, it was a bit hocus pics but it was motivating, for me. Some parts are a bit annoying in the book. But it was so positive that it helped me The acupuncture in itself may help if you find it relaxing. I dont think that will do any harm. Reflexology is supposed to be powerful too.

    All the best, keep us updated. Sorry for the honest post.. just really think you should avoid these teas. xxx

  • So true! I think quite a few acupuncturists are out to get you to have as many appointments as possible. I don't doubt it works for some people, but my acupuncturist kept telling me I didn't need ivf. 6 months of paying for very expensive acupuncture later I still wasn't pregnant and was very broke!! I gave it up and went for much more enjoyable & cheaper reflexology with a fertility specialist. I did have icsi in the end but she totally supported it. She was also really into food healing, so also gave me some great advice of how to heal myself naturally xx

  • Thanks all! Your advice is very much appreciated. You are just confirming what I thought myself will probably try acupuncture again but will avoid any extra medications and just hope something kicks into gear soon.

    Hope all goes well on your journeys. x

  • Hi my clinic said a big no to chinese medicine and I know it is often strongly discouraged whilst doing IVF. It is unregulated as far as I know and it can really effect your egg quality, fertility etc xxx Good luck

  • Also thoroughly recommend eating organic and acupuncture. It worked for me :) xx

  • I don't think western medicine will ever fully support alternative therapies as there is a conflict of opinion. I chose holistic over science as Dr's couldn't find any reasons for me not falling so I chose reflexology and a couple of acupuncture sessions over ivf and it worked for me. It didn't happen overnight btw. If chlomid isn't making you ovulate there is something else going on and I would seek medical advice again as those mess are strong and should boost ovulation. Maybe you need some more explorative work. Good luck x

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