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Clomid and hot flushes :-/

Hi Ladies

Hope you are all well. Has anyone experienced hot flushes whilst taking Clomid. I have been having lots of them and also been more emotional than normal. I understand that these are side effects but am thinking what would it be like if I'm put on a stronger dose as i've started on the lowest.? Any previous experience would love to hear your stories.. Sorry not overly exciting but just thought I'd keep you posted....

Sending lots of luck your way.


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Hi missus, I had 9 cycles of clomid and was always the lowest dose. I had hot flushes, mood swings, disturbed sleep, loud/pounding heart beat at night. I'm sure there were others but these are the ones I noticed most! Unfortunately i didn't get pregnant, now on 1st cycle of IVF. But it did help my ovulation problem.

Hope it works for you!!! xx


Thanks for your reply WeemrsH. I'm sorry to hear the Clomid never worked for you, this trying to get pregnant and holding a baby full term is so stressful isn't it, best of luck with your 1st cycle of IVF, I really hope it works for you . XXX



I have hot flushes particularly a week before I'm due on, and leading up to my period. I mentioned it to consultant and he stated it was nothing to worry about. I've done 3 rounds, all of which resulted in ovulation! But this last month I have been depressed, irritable and emotional which is very out of character for me. It started to affect my relationship and hubby was not happy and worried. It affected my work. Due to see consultant again next month, but I'm having a 3 month break as my relationship comes first! We have been trying for 2 years, and it's the hardest battle I've ever experienced! If you can bare it stick with it as clomid works for some people, it's just not right for me. My bloods came back again today and my progesterone is 73.4, which is amazing, but we haven't yet caught the egg. You know your body better than anyone else, but there are different treatments you can try so don't give up.xx p.s I wasn't ovulating before I started clomid, and I also have polycystic overies that's why they started me on clomid! All the best.


I'm on cycle 2 of clomid, first cycle of 50mg I had hot flushes, fatigue, mood swings (Gosh the mood swings!!) and just feeling kinda wooly. my dose has been increased to 100mg the symptoms have lasted longer nearly three weeks but hot flushes have gone!! It all down to individual responses to medication everyone will be different!! In currently in 2ww and hating every moment!! Lol!! Best of luck with your treatment fingers crossed for a sticky bean xxx


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