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Endo investigations or IVF?


Cut long story short. I'm 99% confident I have endo.

We have a Gynacologist appointment in just over 2 weeks time and I'm wondering whether we should try one round of IVF before having endo investigations - laparoscopy..

I guess the reason not to is because there may be issues that can be resolved through the laparoscopy, that we won't know about while going into a round of IVF. But on the flip side, what if IVF works? I know it's by no means an easy ride but the waiting for everything is really impacting me!

I guess my patience is running thin and I'm wondering what's best for me mentally and physically. I'll always have these endo related issues/symptoms and so they have to be addressed at some point but I'm getting frustrated at the fact that we won't be placed on any fertility waiting lists until months of waiting for laparoscopy and then treatment.. I don't know what to do! But want to get my mind in order prior to the Gynacologist appointment so would really appreciate any advice or info that you guys have.


P.s good luck to all of you

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As hard as it is, I would definitely get any endo investigations done first. You won’t know the extent of any scar tissue otherwise and you want to give yourself the best possible shot with IVF. IVF doesn’t always work and the success rates are obviously lower with the more issues you have. There are also financial implications if you go private or you could use up a cycle on the NHS which you might need later. Wishing you the best of luck in whatever route you decide xx

Faith27 in reply to Apples2665

Thank you so much the responses here have confirmed that I need to review and be fully aware of any implications of the endo first. I really appreciate your message, thank you xx

Guess it depends on your age, do you have time to wait out the endo investigations and try naturally? What's your amh like?

I was 37 when i found out i had endo and had an ovary removed in a lap so time and eggs availability were against me. Also in the ivf proves we found out we had male factor issues aswell. The nhs test said all was fine.

One thing i seriously regret is going into the endo lap without doing research. The consultant made out like he was an endo expert when he'd received no bgse training at all and his specialism was ovarian cancer. Since i paid privately i thought everything would be ok. Wrong. still wonder if I'd got someone with good training rather than him if i would still have both ovaries. He even told me a hysterectomy was the cure for endo. Wrong!

Before meeting your gynae of recommend reading up on the Nice guidelines for the diagnostic lap. There' s a really good fb page with lots of info and you can ask the group about Drs.

Endo is so complicated and no-one really knows for sure the effect on implantation etc.

Let me know via message of you want the fb group page.

Faith27 in reply to emmab178

Thank you! I'm 27 in March so still plenty of time really - I'm not the most patient of people!! Thank you for sharing with me your experience and for commenting - you have helped reassure me that there is sense in getting endo investigations first and then depending on the outcome, treatment later. Thank you so much xx

emmab178 in reply to Faith27

Age is not the major factor. You might want to get your amh tested to see what yout egg reserve is like. Could be something else causing infertility.

Faith27 in reply to emmab178

Thanks Emma- how do the medical team test for amh out of interest? X

emmab178 in reply to Faith27

A blood test. Checks for your ovarian reserve.

Get treated for the endo first, as it can reduce the chances of IVF success. And actually just having that surgery might restore your fertility to the point that you conceive naturally.

Faith27 in reply to Kikiwaits

Thank you!! You're so right. I have ready storied about being very fertile after having any surgery for endo. Thank you for taking to time to comment and you have helped reassure that I'm doing the right thing :) thanks xx

I’m feel your pain as currently going through treatment options for endo etc which means ivf on hold. I like to think it’s getting body in best place for conception (ivf or natural) to work.

Thanks for commenting! I'm sorry to read that you are going through the same thing but it does help for me to realise that it's not just me going through this! I don't know about you but I'm happy to go through what I need to, it's just the length of time it all takes isn't it!

My gosh it all has such an impact on how you feel and cope emotionally.. I just need some sort of date to aim towards and look forward to - we have a Gynacologist appt now in Feb but I know they're just going to say we're putting you on the waiting list.. I could do with dates you know! Although I'm sure everyone feels the same :( such difficulty.

Hope your treatment takes place shortly so you can move onto the next stage whether that be IVF or fingers xd to a natural bundle of joy :)

Good luck xx

I know it’s such a painfully long process and no guarantees at the end which I hate. We’ve been TTC just over 2 years. I’ve had 2 laps already and waiting on 3rd before I can go on ivf wait list.

Here’s hoping 2019 is our year though and our wishes come true. Hope all goes well at your appointment. x

Thank you! We're also 2 years TTC so pretty similar on all fronts really. You too, best of luck!! Xx

I have suspected endo but my doctors have told me that they don't recommend having a laparoscopy as there is no evidence to suggest that this will improve fertility issues. Although I have had all my fertility tests done for IVF which have all came back clear. With this in mind I have decided just to proceed with IVF treatment. x

That's interesting! Sorry to hear you have suspected endo.. but it's good that you are all clear to begin IVF. I guess it's just what the consultant suggests as they are the ones that can offer the medical advice! I guess whatever my specialist says, we will be going with so I'll let you know when our appointment comes around :)

That being said I've been doubled up in bed and bed bound a few weekends ago so if it is suspected endo then I'll be pushing for a laparoscopy either way.

Wishing you the best of luck xx

Hi 👋

If you check my posts this was me about 2/3months ago exactly the same debate. Hubby wanted to do ivf I was leaning towards surgery.

Personally I went surgery because I’m hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone by clearing the endo and then giving myself a chance to conceive naturally once it’s cleared. We have been trying since June 16 and have not fallen pregnant once, due to my endo and a blocked tube.

It is not an easy decision but I felt that by doing the surgery first I’m giving my body the best chance of succeeding whether it’s through ivf or naturally whilst also hopefully improving my symptoms. If you have any questions I’ll do my best to help.

Fingers crossed and good luck xxx

Faith27 in reply to kelsbels88

Hi thank you so much for sharing! I suppose when you have waited so long (I know in the context of others, 2 years isn't that long in comparison) but I can imagine atleast another 3/4 of a year if we are waiting for a laparoscopy and any treatment before any possible IVF. It's such a waiting game! I wish I could pay privately but just can't warrant it when it's a diagnostic lap!

I'm sorry to hear you have been through the stuff I may be facing. Hopefully you will get your good news soon xxx thanks for the offer of chatting if I have any questions :) so appreciated xx

Treat the endo first 😊

Faith27 in reply to Elynn

Thank you elynn- I think majority vote appears to be to treat any endo and do investigations for that 1st! Thanks xx

Hi all. I know this is an old post so hoping you are all still on here... just wondering... why did yourselves and your clinic suspect Endo? What were your symptoms?

Hi! My symptoms have been terrible periods for years managed/hidden by contraception. Horrendous pelvic pain recently. During my period I feel physically sick and as though I may faint at times. Pain sometimes during intercourse or bleeding outside of cycle. It may be worth you reading a post I shared recently about endometriosis symptoms - I've not been confirmed yet but as we haven't conceived and been trying over 2 years, it can also be a sign of endo as everything else is coming back normal. The post I shared was in a picture format. You may also find it useful to follow endometriosis UK on here for other people's symptoms given they may have a confirmed diagnosis. Hope that helps! Xx

Thank you. That is really helpful

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