Recurrent miscarriages

After having my third (natural) miscarriage over the weekend, I went to see my doctor this morning who was absolutely lovely. I couldn't help but get emotional when I was there talking to her, probably because she was so sympathetic and kind, but she has signed me off work for two weeks so I can rest up and also referring me to Gynaecology for recurrent miscarriages. Am going to push to have any investigations done before starting my first IVF cycle in September!

Was just wondering if anyone has had investigations for recurrent miscarriages before and if so what investigations did you have? X

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  • I'm so sorry for your losses but glad your Dr was supportive. I've had 3 miscarriages now and actually going to the recurrent miscarriage clinic tomorrow so can update you then. A friend of mine has also been and from what I understand lots of blood tests will be done - check whether your blood clots correctly, egg reserve etc. I hope you continue to get the support you need xx

  • I'm so sorry for your losses as well, it's devastating isn't it :-( yes please do let me know how you get on! Thank you xx

  • So sorry for what you've been through hopefully further investigations will get to the bottom of any underlying issues before your next round later this year. Xxx

  • Thank you! X

  • So sorry for your losses. I think your right to push further investigations, really hope you get some answers xx

  • Thank you! X

  • Thank you! X

  • Glad you are being referred and not having to fight.

    Make sure they deal with recurrent miscarriages and not just a general gyne unit.

    Lots of blood tests..depending on where you go, some do natural killer cells bloods tests too.

    There is a place in Coventry who do natural killer cells biopsy tests.

    We also pushed for karyotype blood tests and I also had a hysteroscopy to check the womb for anything abnormal.

    Nothing was found for us...

    Tommy's is a good website to look at too x

  • Ah lovely, thank you so much for the advice! I will have a look on the website now xx

  • Sorry for your lost. I done the recurrent clinic. I might be negatives but I felt nothing really comes out of it for me. It take me nearly 2years. The end result was unexplained fertility. I wish since then someone will tell me to do IVF straight away. Now I got 1cycle funded with NHS and no more because of my age. I would say go for IVF and they will do most same test anyway along the line of journey. I wish you all the best.

  • So sorry for you.

    Why you haven`t done it before IVF? I mean you should know the reasons of recurrent mc`s before making a next step.

    Why they didn`t make it on your first appointment? Or all what they need is only your money and the result negligible?

    P.S.: as I understand you were in clinic and they scheduled your program on September.

    I`m right?

  • Hello I have been to recurrent Miss carriage clinic . I had lots of blood tests done and just waiting on my results . Xx

  • yes it's mainly the blood test that take place and reports come in the language only doctors can understand so its basically a total dependence on the doctors.

  • Sorry for your losses also xx

  • Antiphospholipid syndrome, in which anticardiolipin antibodies and lupus anticoagulant are present, is detectable in 15% of women with recurrent miscarriage.with my constant habit of continuously researching about the given topic i have got to know that Human reproduction is hopelessly inefficient. The maximum probability of conceiving during a menstrual cycle is only about 40%. One third of conceptions do not result in the delivery of a baby.1-3 But this inefficient process produces astoundingly good outcomes. The vast majority of continuing pregnancies result in the birth of a healthy human being who will, eventually, pass his or her genes on to the next generation. Miscarriages—clinically detectable pregnancies that fail to progress—are the inevitable byproduct of such a process. They are common and often remain unexplained, even after investigation. They are a source of distress for women and their partners. When a woman has had two or more miscarriages, she is likely to seek professional help, in the hope that a cause and a cure will be found.And yes sometimes you might just find the solution.

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