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HCG level at 224


I found out last week that I'm naturally pregnant. I went to EPU y'day because I was getting quite a lot of pain around my left ovary and was worried it was ectopic. The EPU nurse has just called me with my HCG results, which is at 224. Is this 'normal' for around 3-4 weeks? The pain has now completely gone.

She told me that yes I am pregnant, but as the levels are low I need to go back in 2 weeks time to have another blood test. At which point the levels should be over 1000 and if that is the case then 2 weeks after that, they will do an internal and hopefully see a baby.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up as I have had two miscarriages before and am trying to be realistic in thinking what will be will be. Just pleeeease let this be third time lucky 🙏🏼

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I had my blood test on Tuesday just gone and my level was 233. I was told this is normal for 4 weeks. I am due to have a repeat one next week to check the levels are increasing.

lau_har1 in reply to Hidden

Ok lovely, would you please let me know how you get on next week? Thank you for replying x

My level on otd was 11.went back after 48 hours and it was 5.so devastated.i think your level is quite good and within normal range.it should double every 48 hours.stay positive and hopeful.all the best.

lau_har1 in reply to Lawmom

Oh I'm so sorry, it's completely heartbreaking! I have woken up with quite a bit of heavy bleeding this morning. I am going to ring my fertility clinic, they don't even know I'm pregnant, to see what they say. If it's another mc then I'm going to demand I want more testing as that would make it 3 :-(

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