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Hey all u lovely ladies

So I've ha a couple of blood tests to measure my HCG levels 1st one was fri 15th which I think wud put me at 5 weeks and it was 941 next test was 7 days later on fri 22nd which puts me at 6 weeks and that was 8014 x is this normal? I kno I'm 4 weeks pregnant from date of fertilisation but then they add in two weeks for sum reason lol x

Scan is in 1wk 6days an it can't come quick enough xxxxxx

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I'm not medical Hun but unless hcg was going down I wouldn't be worried. I think it's normal for hcg to rise a lot esp in the early weeks. However if you are at all concerned contact you clinic who will be able to give you the reassurance you need. After the battle you've gone through to get preg it's normal to worry about everything. Wishing you the best with the pregnancy X


Hi i think the 1st 2 weeks are normally added on because in a normal pregnancy that would be when you ovulated and so that is where the journey began even before fertilisation, this got me when i feel pregnant with my son, hope that helps i know how long it baffled me, all the best x


You are definitely pregnant don't worry. Hcg levels bang on and they will continue to rise for some time now. And thats what they was checking !

In natural cycle after your period you would ovulate 2 weeks later , so by the time you come to miss your period 2 weeks after that (because your pregant) they class it as 4 weeks from your missed period . (4 weeks pregnant)

so when you a ivf cycle they know exactly when you ovulated which would of been around the 2 week point that's why they add two week.

It Can get confusing but hopefully that explains it for you .

Congratulations !!!! All the best x


Hey Sarah, I'm typing this smiling, you are defo pregnant 😀 & only 3 behind me. I was told to add 2 & I've got used to that now. I've got my next scan on 8th June (I'll be 12 weeks on 11th june). I'm still worrying now & think I will until I see the little mite again on that screen. I'm so happy for you & your partner, what dates your scan? Xx


Awwww thanku everyone x I had a bit of a scare yet morn as their was some brown blood when I wiped after having a wee x i inserted a finger and their was quite a bit of clumpy progesterone I suppose with bits I brown blood in it? Is that normal? Along with a small amount of mucus? Sorry for to much detail lol x lcxb38 my scan is 5th June which puts me at 8weeks exactly (6weeks since icsi +2wks) so scared and excited yh the same time x I'm worried as I have no side affects what so ever really thought my boobs wud hurt as their a size G anyway lol xxxx ur 12 weeks scan is just a couple of days after mine 😁


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