So after our very quick trip to Spain yesterday we have the results of the sperm analysis & it's pretty poor. We've spent an absolute fortune on supplements & had 4 years of heartbreak & it all just seems to get worse not better. I officially give up with trying naturally, there's absolutely no point whatsoever.

The clinic have frozen the sample & apparently the thaw test went well so maybe they'll be able to find enough sperm in a good enough condition to fertilise some eggs when we start our DE round. There's a part of me that doesn't want to spend any more money on treatment though as I'm not convinced it's ever going to work.

Not looking forward to sharing the results with hubby when he gets home tonight, going to pretend I don't have them until then as I don't want to ruin his day. I suspect he'll be having a number of drinks with the boys tonight.

This is all so sh*t!

Well, at least we can both go & get drunk this weekend, safe in the knowledge that there's sweet FA either of us can do now, my eggs are too few & clearly not good enough (hence the need for DEs) so there's no point in me trying to improve the quality anymore & his SA just keeps getting worse!

Sorry for the slightly depressing, self-loathing post. 😒

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  • Hello no need to apologise that's what we are all here for to allow you to have a rant when you need to and to try and support you . Don't be sorry for feeling down . Xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Oh what a cr*p piece of news you've just received! Not that I want to get your hopes up but my hubby also has what they class as severe oligozoospermia which was devastating but more so I guess for him. We assumed the worst but the embryologist says it doesnt matter too much as they just have techniques of picking out the best sperm there. I actually asked for numbers and they said he had less than 1 million per ml of sperm (in roughly 6-8ml) which was damn sight better than they made out, although we are not kidding ourselves.....its still very low compared to normal but they did say they only need 1 sperm per egg so perhaps not all is lost! Anyhoo, we havent had any problems with fertilisation rates and although we havent had success.......my eggs are rubbish so we are lead to believe we have hope that DE can help the situation! We are heading off abroad for treatment soon too. IIve rabbited on a bit there but just wanted you to know that although my hubby doesnt have good numbers things havent been too bad so far and the indication is that with DE we have a much better chance though obviously no way no knowing until we try! Sending you a big hug, you sound like you could do with one!!xxx

  • Thank you so much, I've been so upset today & not looking forward to speaking to hubby. You are right, I guess if there are 20 good eggs then they'll only need 20 good sperm so fingers crossed they will be there!

    Sounds like your hubby produces a good volume! Mine has been producing less & less each time, can't understand why! This time it was only 1.8 ml, 2.4million per ml.

    When do you start your DE treatment? Which country are you going to? Xxxx

  • No it won't be a nice conversation, it's never food to be the bearer of bad news and I remember how mine was about the news, we had to out some on ice as they thought it would get worse. Hope it goes Ok!😚

    We're heading to Greece at the end of Sept, beg of October. As we haven't been out to freeze a sample we need to be there a bit longer, going to make a holiday out of it! How long till you start?xx

  • We're planning on starting at the end of Sept/beg of Oct too! Off to Spain on holiday in the second week of September then hoping to start my down regging (if it's still called that in a DE cycle) as soon as we return. Depends on which day of my cycle I'm on I guess!

    Spoke to hubby, he was actually fine about everything, bless him! We had a look back through our notes & the a/b motility has increased from 15% to 30% so even though the count is lower there was some good news!

    He's out "wetting the baby's head" with his mate who's baby was born yesterday & the rest of the boys tonight, hopefully he'll still be alright by the end of the night 🀞🏻 xx

  • That's my girl, think on the positive....improvement on any part is good news and like I say you only need a few good sperm for those special eggs so remember, its not that many even if you get a bundle from your donor! Glad your hubby was ok and hope he had a good night with the boys! I was reading your profile and we're fairly similar, hubby 5 years younger than me! Well perhaps we may find ourselves doing this cycle around the same time which would be nice. I have been given my list of drugs and down reg looks much easier, that is the worst bit for me as it makes me feel terrible! Im not quite sure what day I'll be starting yet as it will depend on my donor so they can sync it all together but its not long really!xx

  • It's amazing how quickly the time goes although at the same time it feels like ages away!! Are you having the injection on day 21 then starting your meds on day 1 of your next cycle? We've got our prescriptions for us & the donor & are using Biodose as they were so cheap last time. Exciting to think we might be cycling together, will look forward to hearing your progress too.

    Just had a quick look at your profile, what date is your birthday? I'm 10th November but going to be 41 this year!! Xxxx

  • Oh my profile....how depressing!!😨Holy moly I'm 5th of November!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ The big 40 this year!!😨 My drugs are being delivered tomorrow, I know I've to jump on the pill which is pretty ironic!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm not sure when I've to start my drugs yet but they said egg collection is looking around end of Sept!! I know what you mean about the waiting but coming so quickly!! Would love you to keep me posted, you can PM me anytime!!xx

  • Hi There,

    Sorry you have had this news it really is a sh*t what we go through emotionally. We are in same boat my other half has what your chap has and my egg have had it so we are DE. But not had a problem with fertilisation yet.... had a chemical the first DE round then BFN second going for 3rd in October but clinic don't seem bothered with the sperm they only need a few to fertilise all the lovely young eggs your donor has produced.

    Enjoy a drink .. I do! one benefit of not using your eggs you can have a tipple before treatment!! xx

  • Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to share your story, that's positive that you haven't had fertilisation issues. I'm hoping that the young eggs will correct any issues with the sperm which my eggs were unable to do. We've had 4 embryos transferred so far but 2 weren't great quality. Had a natural pregnancy at Xmas which turned out to be ectopic, something has it in for us!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, I really hope your 3rd round goes well. We're going to be starting in October too xxx

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