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Oh gosh so after going mad when my initial consultation was scheduled for January, I have a letter to say it's been changed to next week. I am feeling really scared. As we knows its male infertility I feel like it's going to be awful news like we can't do ivf at all. Any advice ladies xx

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Wishing you lots of luck for next week, I still get anxious now on the build up to my appointments no matter how many I go to. I don't know lots about male infertility but I would think the consultant will do a lot of the talking (I know they did at mine) as well as asking questions about our life styles. I already knew my consultant as had treatment before IVF but remember the main things I wanted to know was how long it would be before I could start and the general process of it after that I did a lot of googling πŸ™ˆ xx


Haha yes I have googled every possible outcome haha. How soon after your consultation was your next appointment. Was your consultant nice? I am worried about them not being very helpful as I have had that issue at my local hospital. Did you fill out any paperwork there? Xx


Yeah I get on really well with my consultant although I've been treated by him for nearly 3 years. It was 4 months between being told I could start IVF and my first injection, in between that I had a few more tests and met with the nurse, learnt to inject etc. Most of the paper work I filled out at home there was just a few forms we had to sign there.

I don't think the local hospitals really 'get it', I had a really bad experience with my 1st GP who basically told me I had no fertility issues which i now know is total rubbish xx


Omg I had that too. The first dr said to me there was no sperm. I later found out there was very few. That's still a big difference for me tho as they seem to be two separate issues. How long did your consultation last. How far are you with your journey now xx


Yeah definitely, in my experience fertility doctors have a much better approach. Erm about 45 mins, are you and your partner going? I'm starting my 4th cycle (2nd fresh) next week 🀞I had my first fresh cycle last year - BFP but miscarried followed by 2 unsuccessful FET cycles and before that had a laparoscopy and 7 months of clomid all unsuccessful xx


Aww sorry to hear that I wish you all the best this time. Yes me and my partner. The letter is addressed to him I presume with it being a male factor xx


Thank you, oh yeah probably..has he had his sperm analysed by the fertility clinic yet or just at the local hospital? Xx


Yes done at the hospital too x


Oh that's good. Lots of luck for your apt xx

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Hey lauren3189

It's only natural to feel nervous! We are facing male infertility. My DP has azoospermia, basically a condition in which he produces no sperm so we were pretty stressed but we've been through a successful sperm retrieval and we're now on our 1st round of IVF. We're further on than we both originally imagined but basically there are things that can be done depending on the condition. I'm by no means an expert but if you have any questions please feel free to ask. This forum is also a brilliant place and there will be plenty of support here xx


Thank you hun that is great. I have read up about that condition. At your consultation did they tell you a treatment plan such as your partners operation?

You must be so pleased!

How many were they able to retrieve to use in your round?

I have read before that they can freeze whatever they find each time to use for cycles xx



So we had to have quite a few tests, I had the FSH, AMH tests done. My OH had genetics tests. Our consultant basically told us there's a huge difference with no sperm and a bit!

We then met with a urologist, who was convinced that a retrieval would be successful. Following that we had the retrieval and the urologist was spot on. We got enough sperm for 2 rounds so happy with that. My oh hopes not but he can have another op if needed.

We then had another meeting with our consultant who gave me my treatment plan and here we are looking for the next step. It seems like a long winded process but it's flown by.

I hope this helps a little xx


that's great to hear. When you say you have enough for 2 rounds, what amounts do they need?

I guess it is different with ICSI.

I bet you can't wait now xx


As you say hun it's completely different with ICSI.

I'm a whole host of emotions but today has gone well. I'm just trying to take it day by day step by step xx


I just wanted to pop on and wish you luck with your appointment.

We are right in the middle of this at the moment as my other half is scheduled for sperm retrieval in 13 days (not that we are counting πŸ˜€)

I too found it quite daunting as we didn't know what to expect. Our first urology appointment was a physical exam of my OH and then blood tests so yours might well be the same. We were unlucky that these flagged up a genetic anomaly which meant trekking to a geneticist so it's been a lengthy process.

The annoying bit is that you need to go through all this before you can even start prepping your body for ICSI.

Anyway I hope it goes well for you, there are different levels of male infertility so hopefully yours is on the lower end and easily remedied x


Thanks so much for this information. Did you have a consultation and then see a urologist?

I am really hoping we can use my partners sperm so i know we might have a wait for ICSI with operations ect before that.

I hope this time goes quickly for you! xx


We have never actually seen any other consultant other than the urologist. We saw the clinic ivf nurse for all my tests and his initial ones. That is strange now I think of it!

Yeah we really want to use my partners sperm too, I don't know how he'll cope if the retrieval finds none but trying to stay positive.

Do you know what is the cause of your OH's fertility issues yet, or is this what the appointment will discuss? x


Fingers crossed for you

We don't know :-( he has had 4 samples where only a few sperm have shown each time so i don;t know if that is classed as having none.

I find there isn;t much information to read up on male issues xx


Yes, you are right, there isn't a lot on it and almost everything I know about male fertility issues had been from this forum.

I hope you get some answers at the appointment. At ours they were able to tell us a basic plan and planned in the operation for after the genetics appointment in advance so we didn't have too long a wait.

Maybe if there are some sperm in his samples then it might be possible to improve the amount or quality with supplements? You don't need many for ICSI so there is plenty of hope x


Thank you hun i will let you know how it goes.

it is all so very worrying,the not knowing and waiting is the worse. xx


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